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I voted it doesn't bother me. I'm rather pleased to see someone else taking up for their own safety and not relying on another person to take care of it for them... besides, some of the golf courses we play aren't exactly centered in town and police response could take a while.   Having said what I voted, I'm all for people exercising their rights. Freedom of speech. While I may not like what comes out of their mouth, I realize they're allowed to open it and voice their...
Is it something that just started happening or has it been happening for a while?   Have you tried de-lofting the club by keeping your hands further ahead of the ball at address and seeing whether you get your typical distance back?   Is there a chance the grooves on your short irons/wedges are worn out and not imparting spin on the ball?   Did you change anything around the time you noticed this happening?     That's all I've got. I'm not an expert.
I'd go for one of the Callaway sets personally. I'm seeing good things with their customer service in responding to issues with clubs (defective manufacturing like cracked or stoved in club faces on drivers)...   Let her look at the clubs and see what set she likes the looks of... barring that, try to get her to somewhere she can swing some clubs and see how different sets react for her when she's striking balls.
Try searching on bing for "wonder center" golf balls. I found 2 sleeves on Etsy for $37, trademark information for Shakespeare registering WonderCenter and 2 sleeves for $9.95 on bonanza.   Oh, and the trademark ran from 1963 to 1984... so anytime during that time frame... check the packaging for a possible date to better isolate when the balls were made.
OP, those irons look like they're copies of original Callaway Big Bertha's. I say original because Callaway has reused the name Big Bertha in clubs this season and I believe last season.  I can't tell you what they're worth but their value is probably pretty low.   There's nothing wrong with standing on the other side (correct side) of the ball. Being left-handed is uncommon. Being a left-handed girl is quite uncommon.   Hope she enjoys the clubs
Mine is in the cart... or my bag... or my back pocket. I'm not really bothered by expected background noise (like airplanes or traffic and this includes cell phones ringing)
Welcome Ron. You'll find that there is good and bad in every forum you go to . It's all perspective. One person's good post is another person's offensive post.   There's good info here for golf. You'll see that.   There's less discussion on concealed carry permits and carrying on golf courses and in public, and you've seen that as well. And that's as it should be. It's a golf related forum. If you're looking for advice on drivers, loft angle, lie angle, swing analysis,...
My previous set of irons I picked up in 1992. They were replaced last year. I plan on trying to replace them every 4 years or so as technology improves the clubs.
I don't think Augusta needs to do anything other than host the Masters for the PGA. If the LPGA wants to have a Masters, they need to find their own exclusive course.
Years ago, when the "featherweight" eyeglass lenses were released at Pearle Vision Express, I picked up a set made in my prescription. I'll admit that the lenses were the lightest ones I had ever worn at the time (especially due to my bad eyes) but I had to take them back after a few days. There was a blueish tint that was on everything that I couldn't stand and found very distraction. The lenses were remade but I still couldn't tolerate them. So I went with polycarbonate...
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