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I've got a commute of a little over an hour so I listen to a few. Off the top of my head (because I have been listening to I heart Radio the past couple of months)   We Like Shooting    weekly show Student of the Gun  weekly show Girls and Guns        weekly show   Occasionally other shows from the Firearms Radio Network.
I voted to keep the current policy. It's your board, you set the rules.   I appreciate that you're soliciting input from the membership about whether the policy should be "tweaked" or not. Thank you for trying to make the board better. I think it's fine the way it is.
Can I get in on this?   Sounds like a good experiment for the summer time and a kiddie pool with 1 foot of water in it... and a golf ball at the bottom. There should be a camera recording your swing, one in the pool recording the ball, and one in the target zone.   GoPro makes some waterproof enclosures for their cameras. This would be cool to see.
I think he'd probably get tired of me asking him questions about the movies he's made.   Not bidding in the auction. Too rich for my blood. Awesome that it's for charity!
Do you even need to ask? Put on a couple of layers and go play. Drive the cart (if you get one) a bit slower so there's a little less wind on you. Have fun!
Drivers - Wilson Staff D200 - looks pretty cool and initial reviews are it's sweet Callaway Big Bertha V is supposed to be long and forgiving Cobra Golf Fly-z driver -adjustable CG, good looks   Fairway Woods/Hybrids - Cobra Golf Fly-z woods to go along with the driver   Irons - TaylorMade RSI - new irons in different levels for golfers of all abilities from 0 handicap to 36 handicap Bridgestone J15's - lots of people anticipating these   Wedges - Cleveland...
One, maybe 2. Never more than that. Ask about bogeys, double, or even triple bogeys, then I'm in business. Otherwise, they're few and far between for me.
I'm left-side dominant so I do everything left-handed.   I'd suggest to you that, since you found that you're able to swing a right handed club with a measure of some success, to consider playing right handed. Sure your swing didn't feel right at first, but keep swinging... after a while, it'll feel more normal.   I'm suggesting this because of one thing. Golf equipment. Sure, there are left-handed clubs. TaylorMade, Callaway, Ping, Titleist, and more make lefty...
Is golf for everyone? Probably not... then again, neither is football, hockey, basketball, lacrosse, polo, rugby, etc.   Questions to ask yourself: Are you having fun when you play? Do you enjoy the game?     It may be that you're not meshing well with the 2 instructors... or you need a tuneup shortly after the lesson to try to reinforce what you learned... can your instructor provide you with written instructions of what was taught? Or video for you to watch?   Try...
Angry birds.   Alignment line should be yellow dots. The putter face should be the green pig. Sole decoration should be stampings of the birds. Script on the bottom should say Tee it high, Let it fly!     Candy Crush   Alignment line should be striped like peppermint. The putter face should be decorated with the candies in the game. Sole decoration should be puffy marshmallow clouds. Script on the bottom should say Birdies are sweet!
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