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I'd imagine that an umbrella would be a good idea down there... y'all have sun all the time, you're closer to it, and if you're not careful, you might hit it with a tee shot if you hit it wrong. (talking about the sun, not the umbrella)
Sure, I'd play... as long as it didn't cost me an arm and a leg... and didn't leave melted green plastic on the bottom of my clubs like some driving range mats that I've used before did.   Looking up the course mentioned, it doesn't appear to be a big selling point and looks unfinished... it also looks kind of ragged in some spots.
Thanks for the insight into the pre-qualifier... and the slogan "These guys are good" really means those guys are good. Shooting in the 60's just to qualify. Man, I can't imagine that... but then again, I can't imagine breaking 100.   Did you wear golf shoes for the walking or tennis shoes? And if they were golf shoes, were they soft spikes or spikeless?
It's nothing crazy for me... might be about the same, might be a bit more, might be a bit less... I know that my 6 iron when I hit it well goes 150 yards. I know my RBZ drives the ball right at 190 yards give or take. I'm thinking my previous clubs weren't as good.   I'll say the 460cc driver head makes it more user friendly and easier to hit.   And the grip thread. At least I'm holding the club right. That's something for me.
Thanks Vangator. I kind of figured that it would be the case but you never know.
With your 7 wood, is the club set for a draw or fade? It could have something like that... the head configured for a draw or fade...   If your grips are worn, from reading here, they shouldn't be too hard to replace... get a new grip, some double sided tape, some grip solvent (or mineral spirits works too I think)... cut the old grip off (easier if it's a metal shaft) scrape off the old tape, apply new tape, wet inside of new grip with solvent and push it on... let dry...
Mvmac, don't sell yourself short. You've made a great contribution with the grip thread. You went so far as to add in info for a left-handed golfer as well. It's helped me immensely and I'm trying to continue to use those tips I learned from you in the thread to keep my shots going straight. Overall, they're working well for me and the ball goes straight when I do my part and concentrate. When I don't pay attention is when I'm chasing my ball into the woods.   Awesome...
Punisher, a place to check for lessons might be one of the local courses... their golf pro might be able to learn you some good stuff. Aside from that, if you've got a slice then start on here looking at the fundamentals.   MVMAC has a good thread on proper grip. It helped me tame my slice some to more of a fade.     Do a search on here for the 5 keys... then practice them. They'll help you out.   Most importantly, have fun!
I want a push cart and am really lusting after a ClicGear 3.5... but the course I am planning to play as my home course is kind of hilly... and I'm not looking forward to walking that but I need the exercise.     For those of you that use the umbrella extension, how does it handle wind? My concern would be that the umbrella would break off or fall over to the side in wind that's more than just a soft breeze...
I can't say that I've experienced that... I tend not to play through as the pressure I put on myself results in some really lousy shots. I'll just hang back and let them do their thing and I'll take the opportunity to spend a little extra time on the green practicing my putting or chipping. I only do that IF there aren't others pushing me from behind. If there are, then I'll keep pace... otherwise I'll drop back and enjoy myself.   Sorry OP to hear that you ran into some...
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