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Top- driver, 3 wood, hybrid Mid left- umbrella, 4,5,6 Mid right- p wedge, 52, 60 Bottom- 7,8,9 putter
My school only allows us to do one sport a season.
I've started offense and defense my whole middle school "career"
I don't think you understand. I have played tackle football since 3rd grade I'm in 8th now.
Hey, I'm 14 and want some advice. Next year when I'm a freshman I want to try out for the freshman golf team. But I also want to play football. If I make the golf team I'll be fine with not playing football. But if I'd don't and football has already begun and I can't play I probably won't try out for golf again and just play football. I like football more than golf, bit I'm starting to like golf alot. I shoot >45 on 9. I'm probably 3rd best at my school. But another school...
New Posts  All Forums: