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Take a look at Hogan...   He won 6 majors after the age of 38....   At the age of 40 he won 5 out 6 tournaments he entered, three of those majors.    Let's not forget...   He was in a terrible car crash in 1949 where he had a double-fracture of his pelvis, featured ankle, collarbone, chipped ribs and blood clots.   My point is...to doubt that Tiger can't come back from his injuries...well I wouldn't want to bet my life on it!
 Making the cut and having the highest score on the weekend is a long way from finishing 4th to last. Just ask David Duvall. If we define current greatness by the most recent winner of the Masters...well Tiger beat him this weekend...
Clearly there are those that are Tiger "haters" and love that band wagon. I thought it'd be interesting to compare some facts of Jacks and see where his "era" was.   Jack won 10 majors in 10 years - 1962 to 1972 --- Tiger won 13 majors in 10 years Jack then won 4 majors in 5  more years ---Tiger won 1 major in year 11, his last major and Tiger hasn't won since 2008, 6 years Jack won his last three majors in 8 more years - The longest span for Jack was 6 years between...
 What has crippled his body is the crazy workout sessions and training with the navy seals. Hank did great things for Tiger and if Hank had not quit Tiger I think he'd not be as far off as he is now. Is the "era" over, depends on how you define era. I still believe Tiger will get to 18, it will be hard as the young players are putting it together and figuring the game out. Tiger has to simply figure out how to hit his driver, if he gets the driver going his confidence will...
I didn't read all the comments but here is my opinion....right or wrong...   Sounds to me like you were driving in the left lane doing the speed limit and didn't like the idea of the guy in the red sports car riding your ass the whole 18 mile trip. You could have simply moved over let him by and you both would have had a more enjoyable ride.....   Sometimes being right....is being wrong.
Ouch.. Did anyone watch him on the first tee? It was greatness...you could tell he was about to toss his cookies.
I was B-fit for Bridgestone TOUR B330‑S golf balls.   Tiger Woods -14 Lee Westwood - 12 Rory McIlroy-11
Why so angry? The writer chose to write the story and imply this guy is a "average joe" which can be interpreted as an average golfer...he's not. He's an average Joe as his job and the way he pays his bills but if they had mentioned he was a former collage golfer and pro who wasn't able to make a living it wouldn't sell newspapers or get us talking about it... It's not a big deal..it's just a way of drawing interest..
I thought Holly did a very good job, not sure she will be as well received in the NFL world...sideline reporters don't seem to last long and pretty faces are a dime a dozen over there. I thought she was well spoken, had a very good insight and her chemistry with the other host was very good. She could hold her own with any of the other guys..   Page McKenzie is weak..maybe she'll get better but I don't think she is very clever, doesn't seem to have much of a sense of...
  Shoot me a message with your contact info, I'm always looking for guys to play with. Had some minor shoulder surgery on Monday...hope to be back to hitting balls in a couple weeks.
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