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I was B-fit for Bridgestone B330 RX golf balls Rory Mcclroy. -13 Steve Stricker -12 Matt Kuchar. -13
Look for Matt Kuchar. It is his time and he is coming around at the right time.
No she never comes around to she her. I have full custody. She only has supervised visits
She's 3 yrs old. Her mom is out doing her thing I guess. She is 23 yrs younger than me, we were married 5 yrs.
I'm retired. Good thing too. I'm a single dad at 52.
I am a member at Reynolds Golf Course in Reynolds Ga. I play 3 to 5 times a wk. just got in , played till dark. Shot 3 over. It got dark and had to stop at 14.
Sanford now is not the orange grove I grew up in. But I do remember the golf course. My grandparents lived on it. It is good to play again, I have been a life long fan of the game, even when unable to play.
I live in Georgia. I was born in Sanford , Fl. Just outside Orlando.
They are much more forgiving and also spin the ball better on approach shots. They just seem to be a better value. The shafts are regular flex low torque graphite tour 3.1 on the irons. Harrison reg flex graphite on the woods. All with over size grips plus 4 wraps of tape. I have played golf since age 16 and at my best I was a 3. An accident in the late 80's, I broke my back forced me to stop for 15 yrs. when I took it back up I had the pleasure of breaking my neck so I...
Quit what?
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