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Thanks to everyone. What about the taylormade speedblade?
Great guys, thanks. I think you are helping me be sensible here, and not punching above my weight and being greedy with the thought of new shiny toys. Jpx sound good, I have a demo day coming up. Although the pings are nice....
Hello all, I have a handicap of 16 but this winter I haven't been playing much and I play off about 20. I have played off 13 and this summer I would like to try for single figures. With this I would like to buy new irons. I have done a load of research, tried out clubs, but I'm still really confused. So my question is do I go for the ping i25, Mizuno JPX 825 pro or Taylormade speedblade...or take the step up and get the Ping s55, Taylormade MC, or Mizuno MP-54. Has...
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