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Interested in hearing from those who are familiar with Como's instruction methods on what they believe will be focus.
When are you fitting in see divorce lawyer? JK!
I replaced my 3 wood with a 2h several years ago.  Thinking now going with a Ping G Series 4 wood.  Any experience or recommendations?
Rather than carrying a 3 wood, I have a Cobra 2 hybrid.  Great substitute for a 3 wood.
I have the Garmin watch and absolutely love it.  Easy to use and very accurate.  Good battery life. The distance to front, center, and back of green is all that I need.
I was having trouble with 3 wood and went with a 2 hybrid
I understand the Rules Committee did not talk with Tiger before he signed his score card.  If he knew they reviewed his drop and no action was taken this would have provided Tiger with justification to sign his score card without the penalty.  Under that circumstance the mistake would be more on the Committee than Tiger. 
I having been listening to old jazz greats like Frank Morgan, Sonny Rollins, and Bill Evans on Pandora.
I am moving into a condo this spring.  There is a heated common garage which has room for a storage unit or shelving in front of the parking spaces.   Looking for recommendation for storage of my clubs and push cart.  Options are open shelving / rack or secured and locked cabinet.  There are only 11 units in the building and I am not concerning about fellow condo owners.  I still have some reservations about having my clubs just sitting there in the open.  Thanks for...
I was fitted for the Ping G15 and my iron play improved significantly. 
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