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I carry two: Adams Idea Tech #4 and #5.  The rest of the irons are Ping I-10s.  I had worked around my 'psycho' 5i for years, rationalizing longer or shorter club selections.  I can't believe I let my pride keep the 5h out of my bag for so long--it's a weapon!
My wife has two clubs she'll never part with, and with which she is deadly:  an original Adams Tight Lies Strong 7 wood, and a Tommy Armour W4 60* wedge.  The oldest club I game is an Odyssey Tri-Hot #2 putter that she bought me about 15 years ago.
I get them occasionally.  I try to remember that a shank is 1/4" from being a solid shot.  It's a mystery to me--they come and go without much warning or correction.  Good luck, and stay patient.
 When I started playing golf 20+ years ago, I used the 10-finger grip with great success, improving rapidly to an 11.2 index.  My single digit buddies and some well-meaning teachers convinced my that I would never reach my full potential using an 'amateur's' grip.  Over the years, my handicap climbed and I attributed it to advancing age (and, in fairness, it partially was).  But I had gotten to a point where I was struggling between relaxing my hands and controlling the...
I currently own the 2011 42* with graphite shaft and recently added the 2011 56* with steel shaft (Van's only had this demo and had none with the graphite shaft).  I'm primarily a walking golfer, and I usually carry a Ping Moonlite bag with eight clubs: D, 3h, 5i, 7i, 9i, 42* niblick, 56* niblick, putter.  The 42* doubles as my PW/GW on full shots, and is great for pitch and runs, and the 56* is my primary pitching/sand club.  Ironically, I rarely use the 42* for...
That's my problem, too. I seem to blade the ball far too easily with it, especially on pitch shots, and chip shots seem to frequently roll out too far. My wife gave me every other club in my bag as well. I doubt if she'll mind if I bench the Niblick.
No, of course you're right--a little too sensitive, I guess. He was basically echoing Frank Thomas in his book, "Just Hit It, " where he reminds golfers like me that the equipment we have is probably as good as we need, and the USGA can make recommendations but its enforcement power is limited to its own tournaments. So Thomas encourages everyone to play whatever equipment he or she likes.
Ah, there it is: the mean-spirited vitriol I sort of expected. My handicap is honest and I play by the rules of golf. My question was out of curiosity, and my curiosity was satisfied. I'm bowing out of this discussion. Thanks to everyone who supplied constructive input.
Of course, I meant differentiate not discriminate. And I wonder what ruling the Monday qualifier playing with a marker would have had to deal with if he had had a boulder interfering with his shot.
There are very few rules I have a problem with actually. And few rulings I disagree with. But would anchored putting be out if Tiger were doing it (after all, when is a 300lb boulder a loose impediment? When you have 30 fans eagerto move it for you). Not picking on Tiger--when is a wheeled crane an immovable object? When it's Ernie Els lining up the shot. If you want to grow the game, you need to openly acknowledge that a pro and an elite amateur are different golfers...
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