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Thank you for your response. If i only stuck with what i know, there would be a lot i still didn't know. This is how I learn, when new stuff comes up, and i take a chance on it. I have only my time in this, so nothing really to loose. As far as it all being worthless...I've already made a nice bit of money on some of the displays and advertisement signs I've sold. These were the only two pieces I've ran into a problem with. I think there is a buyer out there somewhere who...
Thank You! Yes, i did email them. I am waiting for a reply.
Hey Everyone! I have been searching high and low trying to find some information on these 2 fitting systems I have. Let me first say, I know very little about golf. I buy and resell for a living, and recently came across a golf store closing and I cleaned it out for the contents. I have all the displays and advertisements figured out. I will just ebay/craigslist those. However, I have these 2 fitting systems leading me to a dead end. I have no clue what to ask on these and...
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