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Thanks to both of you, it's very annoying though when your fancy taylormade putter that worked a treat last year feels like your putting with a crazy golf putter. I've decided to go to the practice green as often as possible to improve
Ok, so i'm 15 and i am trying to play as much golf as i can. I started at 8 when i was 8 and i play from 20. Anyway my problem is putting, this used to be my favourite part of the game but since the beginning of this year it's badly off. Last year i got a new taylormade putter that i couldnt miss with but this year i have no coonfidence on the green. For example i can get the ball on in 2 easily on a lot of par 4's but when i putt i 3 putt to get bogey:~(. So are there...
I want to hear your stories of your best ever shot and the great feeling you get
yeah, i'm actually on a parkland course but the wind and difficulty are still there.I really think solid pitching is my weakest point as well as putting, i lack the control with the ball
Ahh god tip, i'm playing in Scotland so the course is quite hilly which adds to the fun
Thanks i'm playing in all sorts of weather as well , surely cant be a bad thing though
Thanks for the advice, i guess practice makes perfect. About he punctuation, this was a quick note of the top of my head!
Hi i'm a 15 year old golfer and i am really enjoying golf at the moment, i am playing well at the moment but some days i just cant play well. Lets say on a good day i can par a lot of holes and at least get a bogey if not. On a bad day though i can still get pars and all on one or two holes but double bogeys just find their way onto my scorecard but there is the odd shot where i can just not do it at all. My drives are normally around the 200yard mark give or take 20 but i...
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