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Very cool.  My son's two favorite things brought together.  
I just read that ESPN / CBS are using this in the corner during the Masters:  
  That was just my guess when I first saw it. I could be completely off base.  It just follows what I know of the "logic pattern" of TV executives.  
I've met several people who have told me they do not know what par means.  I don't know why you would just assume everyone knows what par means.  Most people probably have heard the term but that does not mean they know what it really means.  The world is a big place and believe it or not, golf is not a universally understood sport.   To the question about where I was when golf was on and I had no idea about what was going on, the one that sticks out to me was during the...
I've been in bars and sports book rooms where golf was on and I had no idea what the shot was or par or anything really and it was very frustrating so I like the new graphic.     Mr. Barzeski:  I can guarantee you that the people working for NBC did more than just dabble in graphic design to land a job in their sports graphics department.  There is also a 99% chance that there were meetings and focus groups before the change was made.  Network TV is the definition of...
I can only find one "injury" for Ernie Els and that was his knee in 2005... that he injured while sailing.                  Darren
Some (if not all) of Scott's collapse has to be attributed to the flu he had.  He looked exhausted in his interview pre-round on Saturday and admitted that he got "knocked around a bit" by the flu.     He may have even been taking antihistamines or some other OTC medication  and that stuff could easily have an effect on your ability to putt.  
I purchased this book about 3 weeks ago because what I could tell from the previews and lurking on this site for a while is that Utley's method matched what my son has always done despite me telling him to stop using his wrists so much and to follow the Pelz method of "SCIENCE!"... the problem for me being that my son has chipped in more shots in 8 years of playing (since age 4) than I have in my entire life so he would just ignore me.  This was the first I had heard of a...
 I think he tried to increase muscle mass for some reason.  I saw the replay of his win at the Palmer Invitational last year and he either started wearing smaller shirts this year or he packed on quite a bit of muscle.  I know that has been discussed before but with this news I am thinking it may have possibly been done in an effort to 'strengthen the area around the injury" which is what was recommended to me when I complained about knee pain. (pure speculation on my...
Ángel Cabrera -10   Zach Johnson - 9   Victor Dubuisson -9
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