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Hey, I've been working on my swing a looooooot lately. Been swinging a bit easier, and really concentrating on getting those hands inside, as well as trying not to spin my hips. Almost every shot is a baby draw or fade, with the occasional pull or push. Still getting used to the swing. Anyway, here's some three quarter effort swings from today:not my best swing of the day, but don't trust the camera, it didn't fade more than two feet. and here's a face on angle. Much...
Thanks a lot, great to have someone nice to help out!
Alright, I'll go out tomorrow and hit some drives a bit more closed, I'll post a video so you guys can give your opinion if I'm pulling it too hard.
Would having a slightly closed stance be so bad? I don't come over the top too bad, and it really helps my ball striking.
Ok, will do. I'll work on it and tell you if I see anything different!
[/quote]Wow, I never even considered that. So according to that, if I flare my right foot a little more, and as a result get more hip turn, I should find it easier to drop my hands to the inside?
To me, I feel like my arms look constricted on the backswing, and maybe my hips/shoulders spin out too much.
Thanks! That one was a slice. It's the beginning of the season, so I'm slicing it more than usual due to not golfing in three months.
And here's a front view of a five iron.
I've been Playing Golf for:1 year] My current handicap index or average score is:high 80's, low 90's My typical ball flight is:fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:slice Hey guys, I'm new here, this is my first post. I'm hoping to get some feedback on why I come over the top, I can't figure it out. It's really annoying to have a fade and then get a huge banana slice every other hole. What am I doing wrong? Videos:
New Posts  All Forums: