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Very nice drill. I watched it at least 5 times. 
Is Tapatalk currently enabled or not?
Played back to back rounds. This course is par 37/35. Yesterday I went 53/44. Started front 9 horribly highlighted by a 9 on a relatively easy par 5. Recovered with +9 on back 9 ending par-par on 17-18. Today, same course, started with much promise. Went Par, par, double, par, par on first 5 holes. Thought I would blow by 90. That's what I get for thinking. Had 4 triples over next 7 holes. Took a call from the wife and everything came unglued. Ended with 5 pars, record...
I was searching for "Break 90".  I knew I was doing something wrong.  
Is there an official break 90 thread?  I don't see one on my search?  I can break 100 but not every round.  Looking for the next thread.  
Changes galore. Went from AP2 to my older SGI. Thought I needed thinner clubs. They looked great but punishing with my inconsistent swing. ARGH. Callaway Xhot 20* replacing Adams a12pro. Don't need a pro anything in my bag. Bought a Game golf because it was $120 on Amazon. Trying to make the game easier and break 90
2015 goals. 1. To break 90 by May, 85 by end of 2015. I am now in the 98-103 range. I dropped over 15 strokes my first full year trying to be getter. Getting in that 85-90 makes me better than or as good as everyone I play with on a semi regular basis. 2. Fix my driver. Gone a shot (fade/draw) and own it. 3. Multiple birdies In a round. 4. Over 5 GIR in a round
Tiger won 5 times last year. Bubba has won 6 times in his career, 2 this year. We take him for granted.
That's my assumption.  Smaller sweetspot and more punishing for mishits.  My game set is Callaway RAZR X HL w/ graphite shafts.  The blade is a Titleist MB that I got for about $15.   Just off the range.  I started with the blade just to see what happened.  I was surprised that I was actually able to get 4 of the first 5 in the air and reasonably towards my target.  I have a new and greater respect for the professionals and scratch guys who can play blades.  You have to be...
After breaking 100 in 3 of last 6 rounds (96, 99, 99, 100, 100, 103) on mostly unfamiliar courses, I thought I had arrived. Lo and behold I go into a funk. 115, 110, 108. That sucked. After self evaluation, I realized that I haven't spent nearly enough time at the range. I was just playing and often with no warmup. Went back to the basics Saturday morning. Over 3 hour range session to replace my normal round. Almost 2 hours on the full swing (5-PW). Did not touch the...
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