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I was searching for "Break 90".  I knew I was doing something wrong.  
Is there an official break 90 thread?  I don't see one on my search?  I can break 100 but not every round.  Looking for the next thread.  
Changes galore. Went from AP2 to my older SGI. Thought I needed thinner clubs. They looked great but punishing with my inconsistent swing. ARGH. Callaway Xhot 20* replacing Adams a12pro. Don't need a pro anything in my bag. Bought a Game golf because it was $120 on Amazon. Trying to make the game easier and break 90
2015 goals. 1. To break 90 by May, 85 by end of 2015. I am now in the 98-103 range. I dropped over 15 strokes my first full year trying to be getter. Getting in that 85-90 makes me better than or as good as everyone I play with on a semi regular basis. 2. Fix my driver. Gone a shot (fade/draw) and own it. 3. Multiple birdies In a round. 4. Over 5 GIR in a round
Tiger won 5 times last year. Bubba has won 6 times in his career, 2 this year. We take him for granted.
That's my assumption.  Smaller sweetspot and more punishing for mishits.  My game set is Callaway RAZR X HL w/ graphite shafts.  The blade is a Titleist MB that I got for about $15.   Just off the range.  I started with the blade just to see what happened.  I was surprised that I was actually able to get 4 of the first 5 in the air and reasonably towards my target.  I have a new and greater respect for the professionals and scratch guys who can play blades.  You have to be...
After breaking 100 in 3 of last 6 rounds (96, 99, 99, 100, 100, 103) on mostly unfamiliar courses, I thought I had arrived. Lo and behold I go into a funk. 115, 110, 108. That sucked. After self evaluation, I realized that I haven't spent nearly enough time at the range. I was just playing and often with no warmup. Went back to the basics Saturday morning. Over 3 hour range session to replace my normal round. Almost 2 hours on the full swing (5-PW). Did not touch the...
Got a round in today with the swarm of gnats in south GA. Scored a 99 although I had 7 penalty strokes due to a few errant shots and not knowing water was in play on certain holes/shots. The fun and danger of playing a new course. This was my 1st back to back sub-100 rounds. #EXCITED #FINALLY 5 GIRs. 4 pars. 6 bogies 5 triples. 50% fairways (only 2-3 not easily in play) In trying to implement some swing changes, I am very inconsistent with iron distance. Also...
I am lucky to break 100. I can afford Pro Vs but can't justify them. When I buy balls, I buy the Top Flite Gamer and Gamer Tour balls. Great value for what I do. I have about 5-6 dozen Pro V that I have "collected" this year. It's amazing how many find on a typical course. They are cleaned and waiting on me to become a better striker. Thanks to all who made the Pro V the number 1 ball ... Found near lakes, trees, and OOBs.
Good tips. Both tips, slowing down and watching shot shape, are working well for me. Still trying to move more range game to course also. 
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