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Tour Edge Exotics XCG7, 129.95, pretty good deal.
Glad you decided against it for whatever reason, golf retail is a tough proposition.
I can get 280 on an airport runway with a 30 mph tailwind.
I still hit the four iron (Ping G25/graphite) but i am thinking about ordering a Tour Exotics 4h, either xcg6 or xcg7. Those are being closed out now, anyone have any experiences?
I have fairly new clubs, all graphite shafts except for my wedges and I've noticed small little scratches occasionally. I think sliding them in and out of the golf bag, no matter how careful, we pick up these little things. I do try to keep my clubs and grips clean too. I wouldn't worry too much unless the scratch goes on into the graphite, more than likely what you have is just a scratch in the paint of the shaft.
Steve, you can't go wrong with a Ping Driver. I demoed the G30 also, it seemed like a really consistent club to me. If you feel like you selected the correct shaft for you, you should be good to go.
Looks like a superficial scratch to me, if it's cracked it'll show up soon enough.
Agree, Nike has produced some really crappy irons.
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