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I've tried to hit the Hibore and couldn't find a hot spot anywhere on the face, the classic not as bad but the Launcher 460 is pretty consistent across the face.
The Cleveland HiBore, and classic are terrible drivers, the Launcher 460 was probably one of the best drivers Cleveland ever made.
I tried the G30 driver at a local range/pro shop. I did not get to try it on a launch monitor. I hit the regular and then the stiff stock shafts. Then I hit my 4 year old Cleveland DST. There was no noticeable gain in distance. The G30 did have a little tighter shot dispersion. Honestly,  it looked like my Cleveland had a little more roll out. I had gone with intention of purchasing but  I couldn't tell enough difference to spend that kind of money. I think it's a good...
I love the Tour Edge Exotics fairway woods, I've been  looking at an XCG6 hybrid (22 degree) but haven't been able to hit one.
I'd agree on global golf.
I haven't really kept up but didn't Taylormade buy Adams. If so, I hope they don't ruin the Adams brand.
I think Adams make great hybrids, finally replaced the two iron and three iron with Adams Hybrids last year. They seem to be really great clubs. I think there is a confidence factor there too.
This seemed fairly accurate for me too, thanks for sharing.
I would agree, I hope you recognized my sarcasm and didn't think I was serious. I've never had playing by the rules slow me down, I can't remember a situation where it has caused a problem.
I love the idea that not playing by the rules speeds up play.
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