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This seemed fairly accurate for me too, thanks for sharing.
I would agree, I hope you recognized my sarcasm and didn't think I was serious. I've never had playing by the rules slow me down, I can't remember a situation where it has caused a problem.
I love the idea that not playing by the rules speeds up play.
As far as on-line sites, I love global golf, I 've always gotten good deals. They have always delivered the products they advertised at good prices. I've been watching for deals, knowing that there maybe some coupon codes because of the Ryder Cup. This may be common knowledge or all on-line sites may do it but a 20% Ryder Cup coupon just popped up in an e-mail for Rock Bottom Golf and guess what he jacked his prices up on items I had been looking at to just about wipe out...
I would agree with this, too many counterfeits out there to take a chance.
Be careful, be very careful.
I would agree with Vangator, the G25 is a nice club. I've had mine for over a year and they are easy to hit. If you are hitting that one club 40 yards longer it sounds like you're hitting it thin or not hitting in the club face. If you're trying to get down to a 15 you want a game improvement club and the G25 or G30 would be good choices.
I would agree with an earlier post that chipping around the green is affected by aerated greens. I find that the short putts are the ones I have trouble with on aerated, sandy greens. The scorecard usually doesn't show much of a difference though.
Nothing wrong with the Baseball, ten finger grip. I played with it for years, I now use overlapping grip. I think maybe I'm a little more consistent with overlapping. I won our county amateur with the baseball grip. It served me well but after changing for a few years it feels foreign to me now.
I would agree, I had the Rife 2-bar mallet and loved it until a thief liked it well enough to steal it. I now have an Odyssey Two Ball mallet and most of the time I like it. I don't think I'll ever find another putter that rolled the ball as good as the Rife.
New Posts  All Forums: