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After thinking about this for a while, I don't think going into golf retail would be a very smart investment.
Ha, Ha, we have a buddy with a Yes Stephanie regular length putter. It does start conversations between all of his playing partners and between him and Stephanie when she says "NO". Seriously my favorite piece of equipment is my Bushnell Z3 laser range finder, I can't imagine playing without it.
I don't know about the Chrome+ but the Callaway Chrome has good distance off the driver and good playability around the green.
One of the best sets of irons I eve played was the Hogan Edge, they had a great feel. That being said, coming soon, near you, Hogan irons on a clearance rack.
I've always thought Natalie was attractive. I think one of the best things she has going for her is the way she treats fans. Although she's made a good amount of money on the golf course, I'd bet she's made more off (calenders, personal appearances, advertising). I have been frustrated at her golf career on it's own, I thought she should have won more.
Since you like fairway woods, a suggestion. The Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 is being closed out now at good prices, Global golf and Budget Golf are online sites that have good prices on closeouts. I have this fairway wood and it is absolutely one of the best clubs I have found at a decent price. I use my 3w on short par fours off the tee. Whatever you decide, good luck.
I guess with the marketing of hybrids, one would get the impression that we don't use fairway woods like we once did. I have both, there definitely is still a place for fairway woods in the bag.
I have found that my left front pocket is an awesome tee dispenser.
I'm sure this has been tried but how about an area in the store (in the indoor practice range area) where you have simulators with popular resort courses downloaded where guys could call for tee times to play during the winter? I know this would eat up space but as far as time, a foursome could probably play 18 holes in an hour or so. In the colder climates it looks like this could be a viable option where guys could continue to play when it was really bad outside. You...
I really just discovered the Tour Edge Exotics line within the last year. I have been buying some of their closeout stuff on line at really great prices. I first ordered the XCG6 fairway wood 15 degree and found it to be the hottest fairway wood I've ever hit. I then saw the XCG6 drivers being closed out at great deals so I ordered a 10.5 degree, regular shaft (Matrix Ozik) same as the fairway wood. I hesitated because reviews were not that glowing but I took a chance...
New Posts  All Forums: