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I would agree with an earlier post that chipping around the green is affected by aerated greens. I find that the short putts are the ones I have trouble with on aerated, sandy greens. The scorecard usually doesn't show much of a difference though.
Nothing wrong with the Baseball, ten finger grip. I played with it for years, I now use overlapping grip. I think maybe I'm a little more consistent with overlapping. I won our county amateur with the baseball grip. It served me well but after changing for a few years it feels foreign to me now.
I would agree, I had the Rife 2-bar mallet and loved it until a thief liked it well enough to steal it. I now have an Odyssey Two Ball mallet and most of the time I like it. I don't think I'll ever find another putter that rolled the ball as good as the Rife.
I would agree with Mr. Desmond that the length of the driver is probably makes it harder to hit than the 3 wood. Also mentioned, there are some hot fairway woods out there. My Tour Exotics is about 10  shorter on average than my driver. Occasionally I'll really catch the 3 wood sweet and hit it pretty much the same as the driver. At one time my driver was the most consistent club in my bag but as the driver shafts have gotten longer, I've picked up a little distance but...
I love the NXT series of balls, I can't tell the difference in the Tour and Tour S. I don't seem to stop the S any quicker. They do a little quicker than the Velocity which is hot but doesn't stop very quick. Of course they're not advertised to either. I Iike the old Hex Chrome, it seems to go pretty good and stop fairly well.
I was just laughing when the titanium shaft was mentioned, they are stiff feeling. I had one installed in a driver years ago, that driver, if not pulled out by a diver, resides in a large pond beside a par 4 tee in Myrtle Beach.
Thanks for the info, even at a 3, I feel like I need all the help I can get. I've looked at the G30 and that is a fantastic club, the tour Exotics is a little less stress on the wallet.
G25 will certainly do.
I pretty much agree Shorty on the drivers. I love my Exotics fairway wood, just would love to see or hit the driver but they are hard to find in NC. I do have a shop around an hour away, I may driver over and take a look.That new E8 sure looks good but won't be out until October.
I don't know, that's why I asked. I have one of their fairway woods and it is awesome. I'd loved to hear from someone who plays their driver.
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