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Adams hybrids. Love the older super-hybrids, you can still find them new at some sites at great prices.
Great job Adam, now that you know you can do it, your confidence should help you shoot lower scores. The mental aspect of your game should really be great right now.
I am thinking of getting a new driver and wondered about the Tour Exotics line. I ordered the XCG6 3 wood and it is one of the best fairway woods I've ever hit. The reviews on it are great but I find less info on their drivers. I just noticed they've introduced a new model driver (E8) and I've seen some price drops online on the XCG7. I can't find anyone locally handling them or any demo days in my area and I hesitate to buy without trying it. Any info would be appreciated.
I think Rory completes the Slam. I am not sure Tiger wins another Major, I think he wins more tournaments but not sure about a Major. Tiger's mind right now has got to be working overtime about his swing. He can go along playing pretty good golf and then he hits a tee shot off the planet (at least almost off the golf course). It appears that the putting may be coming back but he's got to wonder when the errant tee shot is coming.
I agree with you Paiste, glad you're enjoying your irons. I think most of the time when we look down and have confidence in what we see it helps.
I've seen these "free" clubs from Warrior Golf before, they look like clubs that guys make in their basement.
I agree with what was said earlier, golf is hard enough to begin with so I'll take all the help I can get. I see a bunch of the young guys that I am acquainted and play with just insist on playing blade irons. They may go through a couple of different iron sets a year because so and so pro is playing these or won this tournament with these. It mostly seems to be an ego thing. Most people don't have a repeatable swing like the pros and would benefit from game improvement...
I agree Zeph and I keep 2 spare batteries in my golf bag. Although I am happy at how long the battery lasts, not hard on them at all.
I would agree with this. Surprising that I feel more confident when selecting between sand wedge and approach wedge when I have the exact yardage. Love the V3 with jolt.
The doctor said never put a q-tip in your ear canal. It just pushes the wax back against the ear drum.
New Posts  All Forums: