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Touché. ........ on back to the original question, what are some more notable missed putts in recent history?
Oh I agree, I am not saying it would have changed the outcome, but in marketing it's all about perception and selling an idea. You can't say he would have made it with a different club but you can make the consumer ask the question. think about the Axe body spray commercials. They imply that the dude gets all the girls when he puts the spray on, but they never say "risk spray will make you get girls". i envision an add campaign like this.....footage of player X...
It's marketing research or a putter. We are looking for important putts that were left just outside the hole where the players says he pushed it or pulled it. The idea is to compare their missed putt to what would happen with the same putt using a different club.
I am doing some marketing research and was curious if there are any notable missed putts, maybe from majors, where the golfer describes the reason for missing the putt as leaving the putter face open or closed. Does anyone recall any missed putts that are described like that? Pushed it, left the face open, face angle off anything like that?
Yes, this is a fabbed prototype. The CNC program is currently being quoted. It will be a finished product in a couple weeks. You could change for different play conditions, but it is geared Moe towards the level of golfer. A novice golfer can use a softer material that is more forgiving (about 15% with some materials) when the ball is hit in error. A majority of missed putts is from the face angle being off. Usually, a recreational golfer is somewhere between 2-5...
I guess it won't hurt. The patent is filed already. The idea is customized face plates. Preference of the user. Softer material is more forgiving.
It's for a concept I am developing. I built a prototype, did my own testing, filed the patent work and have preliminary USGA approval. I need independent 3rd party testing to validate my testing and design to see if I can take this concept to market.
I have spoken to them, but they were only looking to sell me a hardware and software . I need an independent tester.
Correct, i need a 3rd party who can do independent testing.
I am a design engineer for a biomedical orthopaedics company. I am not a good golfer, but my 6 year old son is on a Jr tour and does an incredible job. I am also an aspiring club designer with a patent and USGA preliminary approval.
New Posts  All Forums: