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Just looking for help sorry for keep posting.
Any thoughts.
I got a lesson today and my coach showed me how open my shoulder was and that I need to move the ball back in my stance and close the club face. Was hitting it pure with a slight draw. My main question is how do I get more distance. I am hitting my 6 iron only 150 and carrying my driver around 210. I just feel like I need a little more distance as I am moving back to the tips this year for high school golf.
Do you think I am coming over the top because for the life of me I can't figure out how to draw the ball or make a divot going to the right.
Does this tell u anything?
Driver is going especially right. I even tried the drill putting the right foot back and swinging to draw the ball but it would still push slice.
I went to the range this morning and applied the right foot out and more shoulder turn and then I started making solid contact but it was more of a push and then flare right. It feels like the club face is open. It also feels like I am falling back and my chips are going off the hozel.
Ok so swing thoughts should be right foot out turn shoulders back further then move hands deeper. Then that will clear the hands and the ball will draw and go into the hole everytime?
I read on another forum that the right foot should be square. How do I get more power because I am not hitting the ball far at all. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have struggle with this for a long time. Thanks
What you guys are saying is that it is not a downswing problem but it is a back swing problem of not getting enough turn back. If I turn back further then on the downswing it will free up room to turn through. Thanks!
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