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I have not been on this forum a long time, however in my experiences with other forums it is not a good idea to attack established members. I would bet you are a 16 or 17 year old kid (the username, the way you type, dead giveaway). You have no real sense of business and came here with no formal plan, a lack of ideas, and poor grammar. This means a few things to me, first of all you just thought of this idea. Secondly you are wasting everyones time. I know that because you...
Since I started playing I have taken a 50/50 approach to this theory. When I am practicing I set up my 2 tees and a ball then work on not hitting the tees and my tempo with my eyes over the ball. Then when I go out and play I am comfortable with my setup and everything so I look at the hole or my target. It really seems to help most of the time.
I am very happy to have picked 3 guys who finished as high as they did! Congrats to the winner.
Baseball grip on driver. Interlocking everything else and i think I putt better left handed even though I play right handed.
A guy at the driving range near me the other day changed my grip where the thumb goes over and just lightly touches my finger instead of it being parallel to the shaft. I hit 5 of the best drives ive ever hit after that. Then since it was almost closing time he let me go down range onto the range and just hit pitch shots with the new grip. I was amazed that I got such clean contact with the ball. I was taking my divot in front of the ball more often than before and this is...
Rickie Fowler -8 Jordan Spieth -11 Bubba Watson -9
It does feel good for sure! I was hesitant to buy them at first but decided better irons may improve my game just a little, so it is worth it. Next purchase will probably be new golf shoes Nike Dunk Golf Shoes then a Nike Stand bag
I was playing quick earlier this year and 2 older gentlemen were in front of me so they allowed me to play through. I teed up and hit a shot just left of the cartpath. So I go the exact spot I saw the ball land and its not there. It didnt hit the path or anything else, it should have been exactly where I went. I turn and look at the 2 gentlemen and ask Is this where it landed?One of them nods yes and the other yelled absolutely. So I walked area right around there nothing....
I bought a new set of Nike Irons from a user on eBay at a pretty good price. I really enjoy the clubs so far and look forward to actually swinging them on a course. I went to the range the other day and feel like I have a little better control on distance with these. I went from swinging Ram G-Force Irons to Nike so it is a completely different feel. As you can tell from my profile pic I am a huge fan of Nike Golf. I have only been playing for a year and this is the first...
When I was watching Valero last week I didnt think Loupe was that slow. I also think that slow players almost have an advantage as they have more time to calm down from a bad shot or a bad ruling (kegan bradley having to play the ball from behind the tent/tree yesterday with no sightline). Slower play can make for better shots which kind of evens it out in my opinion. 2 good shots vs 4 poor shots were you walk and change clubs between every shot seems like a better option.
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