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Was awful watching this, I agree about the fact he is so young! It is somehow worse because the potential for this guy to be brilliant, wish him the best for 100% recovery! 
Prison break thoroughly has me hooked at the moment, on the last series :D :D
Currently driving a Clio Sport 182 
You're telling me :o Its amazing.. 
I started the 2nd season at the weekend! 
I have finished the first season and im hooked.. Can't see it getting really bad so quickly? I will let you know! 
I will catch up first, then we can talk.. ;)
  Arrow is incredible, I actually only got into it recently so I've watched the first season and waiting to watch the second... So no spoilers please ;) 
Big Bang Theory and Breaking bad 100%   Also up there, Arrow if anybody has seen that?
I would make my specialty of Thai spiced salmon noodles ;) 
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