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 Jeez, I'm only f***in' with you man
 If my family needed money and they wouldn't give me any under my current name, of course I would use an alias. Its certainly fraud but I wouldn't go as far as to call it lying.
 It good to let off a little steam now and again. There's a liar and there's an imaginative person. I consider myself the latter. What can I do if you decide in your big brother tactics to ban me. OK I was using aliases but is that really lying. Shoot me!
 Although the thread is called "Liar, Liar", the point is to tell the truth you imbecile. Sorry, there's my truthful stuff slipping out again. Imbecile isn't that strong, is it?
  I take it you are no longer a pro if you have a current handicap. I'll be applying for amateur status in the future and look forward to playing for a handicap. I reckon somewhere between 3 and 5, really depends on the length of the course I'm playing. There's usually 2 -3 par 4's I can't reach in regulation.
 At this time of year I'm skiing up there and the golf course is used for Nordic Skiing. 
    The ball flight can't really be determined by this picture, it doesn't seem to be slicing . The face angle is also unclear. I am aligning right of my target but not substantially. This ball probably ended roughly where I wanted it, I mostly aim between the two huts you see in the distance. You may be confusing this image with the shot I was describing at the beginning of the thread. Don't forget Erik dug out this image. I would suggest this was a draw.
  Surely not, with my right forearm and shoulder in those positions. BTW the ball flight also helps the argument.
  Its nice to be nice! As this is the "Liar, Liar" thread, no offense taken.
 Arguable. The clubhead is approaching the ball from an inside path. BTW did you notice my unusual reverse overlap grip in that image.   Still working on it. My divots are getting a little deeper and occur after impact. Good signs!  To add a little spice to this site. Some of the stuff is a little predictable and I really do like to simplify some of the more complicated stuff.
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