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81 at my home course. Par 70, rating 72.5, slope 138.   I really want to break 80 by the end of the summer.
I'm more curious as to why people feel compelled to say anything at all.  It's a very common social convention.  People have a very hard time staying quiet around other people.  Try walking past someone you know in your office and not saying hi.  I think it's more of a social compulsion than anything else.  They need to say something, and "nice shot" is a pretty easy and innocuous thing to say.  I've played with people that say it literally every single shot, like it's...
This happens to me all the time.  I'm playing with people (any people, doesn't matter if they're friends or strangers, their age, anything) and they yell nice shot almost the moment the ball leaves my clubface, only to have the ball eventually curve into the woods or miss the green.  Or they say nice putt on a relatively easy putt that ends up not going in.  I mean it doesn't bother me so much, I still have fun playing, I just don't understand what they're thinking.  Are...
how much do you play?  I find that I need to practice at least an hour a day at least 4 or 5 days a week to be seeing some improvement.  I feel like if I only had time to play once a week or less I wouldn't improve, I would get frustrated, and would eventually quit. 
I took a lesson recently and the instructor told me my backswing and downswing were too steep.  I was practicing yesterday and had a super flat feeling swing with a driver and was hitting the ball well.  Then I switched to a wedge and could not make solid contact until I used a steeper swing.  Is this normal?  It felt like a very big difference.  Should it feel so different?  Should I stick with the flat plane with every club?
Someone taught me this drill a long time ago, and I've heard mixed reviews.  Do you think it could be helpful?   Hit the following shot types: pull draw pull straight pull fade straight draw straight straight straight fade push draw push straight push fade
Boring or not is irrelevant now, I know nobody will agree with me on that which is fine.  I'm just saying Flat, open, palm tree lined golf might be boring for you to watch, but it's not more or less challenging to win a tournament.  It might be less challenging to make par, but not less challenging to win.  You still have to play better than everyone else. In alpine skiing, they could hold it on the bunny slope and it would be just as challenging to win, just a different...
I totally understand why people find it more interesting to watch players play a difficult course.  But is it more impressive?  Watching someone shoot 18 under on a super easy course might be boring, but does that make it easy?
You're right, and I don't expect everyone to agree with me that I would find it interesting.  Just that it's not easier to win a tournament on an easier course if you're playing against the same players.
It's both player-versus-course and player-versus-player now, but I'm saying I'd like to see that change.  I want to see less player-versus-course and more player-versus-player.  First of all, I would find this interesting.  Second, you make it sound like everyone would be 18 under every day, so there would be a 100 way tie at -72 after 4 days.  If you think it would be that easy, then maybe my -40 or -50 estimates were off, and the top two guys would be -71 and -72, sounds...
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