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So I played merion east yesterday.  I must say I was pretty underwhelmed.  I mean don't get me wrong, I had a lot of fun and it's a nice course, but it didn't feel super special.  There are certainly prettier courses in the area in my opinion, and more interesting layouts.  To me it felt like just another round of golf.   Have other people had a similar experience playing very famous courses?
I don't think it's fair to say foot alignment is important or unimportant.  For me, it seems to be very important.  My ball almost always seems to go where my feet are aimed.  On the range, my feet are always aligned properly, and my ball almost always goes in the general direction of my target.  On the course, sometimes I'll hit a ball wildly off target, and often I'll realize afterwards that my feet were aimed right where my crappy shot went.
I'm having a lot of trouble aligning consistently on the course.  On the range (and sometimes on the course) I use a club or alignment stick at my feet and everything is totally fine, my ball usually goes roughly where I'm aiming.  But without the aid I seem lost.   I usually pick a spot in front of the ball, aim the clubhead at that, then try to align my feet perpendicular to the clubhead.  But my feet are rarely in line, they're very far off, sometimes to the left,...
I'm more interested in the non-grip related information in the video.  Is that really how the wrists (especially the right wrist) should be hinging?
What's your opinion of this video?  Is the information correct, advisable, legitimate? What's your opinion of Herman Williams?  Does he know what he's talking about?  I don't know anything about him.        
I'm not sure about average, but these are when I hit the ball solid. Driver: 250-280 3W: 240 5W: 230 4i: 210 5i: 200 6i: 180 7i: 170 8i: 160 9i: 150 PW: 140 AW: 120 SW: 100 LW: 80
After reading this strict list. I'm happy and proud to call myself a non-golfer. I'm just trying to have a good time out there.
40-33-73. Par 70. My best round of the year by far and my first ever 9 holes under par.
I usually go to the range after work. I stretch my shoulders for a minute, then I swing a club back and forth to loosen up. The range is usually empty, and there is one spot that is aligned perfectly to a green about 120, which is how far I hit my gap wedge, so I start with that. I keep going until I'm hitting the green consistently. Then there is another green about 170, so I hit my 7 iron to that. I can't hit it quite as consistently, but at least 20 to 30% of the...
I didn't realize until recently that I've been casting or releasing my club too early. I started doing this and it really seems to help. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried it. It could be super common for all I know. I don't look at the ball when I swing, I focus several inches in front of the ball, and really try to pretend that's where the ball is and hit that spot. If you have this problem, try this, if only for one swing. I'm curious if it would work or has...
New Posts  All Forums: