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Note sure about the iron with the broken face. Phil is a lefty and the iron it right handed
Ok guys, before you say demo them..... I have a friend who has a one time use 15% discount which he is allowing me to use but I have to pre-order as it is expiring. I have hit and really like the 913d2 9.5* with the tour green S (which is the TS version) shaft. I was about to buy it when I heard the 915 was coming so I waited. Now I need to pre-order a 915 without hitting it if I want the discount. (If I don't like it I can return it under the playability...
I shoot anywhere between a 78 and 95 depending on the day. Mostly 83-88. I am a good striker with a tendency for a few bad holes. I have had 4 sets of irons over the past 25 years of playing. My first set was a starter set. A pro suggested I buy a set of mizuno forged as teenager. My father talked me out of it "there are too difficult" got a set of bear irons (great set and underrated) same thing happened the next time I went to buy a set, wanted Hogan forged set I was...
If you have an athletic swing and are looking to but in work in to the game, you do not want a GI iron. You should stay with the irons you have and take lessons or buy a "blade" like iron set. 20 years ago I was in high school and took lessons. I had a decent swing. The pro suggested that I buy a set of mizuno forged blades. My father played and told me not to get them. I was a big mistake. If you have the itch to buy something and have basics of a goods wing buy a more...
Just go for titlest or mizuno. You can't go wrong wih either one. If fitted correctly, they are both great
what he said! i would add most any sonartec fairway wood.
i found the LM in PGA superstore to be fairly accurate.  however i did get some false readings: one drive i had a 150mph SS, 203mph ball speed, 350 ball carry. i also had a 125 mph SS   my normal swing was 105-108mph     where were you fitted?
i was in a brand new PGA superstore, they have aboutGolf 3track.   my longest carry was mid 260's; with most in the 250's range.   i was not their for a fitting, i was their to practice my swing.  i did try some other drivers out of curiosity.   i was also hitting my sonartec 25* hybrid.  the system said my SS was 95mph and carrying 210-220.   the more i think about it, it probably is me and not the monitor.  SHOCKING!   i guess i will need to put in more work...
pretty solid.  i was around the center, some a drop higher on the face, some a little toward the toe, but still getting "good wood" on the ball.  i can say i really didn't "nut" or "destroy" the ball dead center.   when i am swinging well on the course i can get to 280-300 range.  i very rarely get over 300
The balls were clean, but they did not have a premium ball pattern. For drivers it should not matter too much. Don't have other numbers to compare to. This was my first real session on one
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