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Thanks for all the answers! It means a lot :) At the moment I'm at a college, where I'm allowed to join the collegeteam after this summer (thats when the startup time for the team)   I think I've the possibilty to drop a lot in hcp if I can get a metter level on my 100 yards shots. Thats the biggest problem I got at this point. From tee and around/on the green it's OK so far.    What do you guys think I should aim for this year? (In hcp) I'm currently at 10-11.
Thanks for answers! I started playing golf when i was around 8. I loved the game, and so did my friends. The problem is that I played soccer aswell. At that time I was "pushed" to play soccer instead. So I've been on and off from the game, but I know that I'm talented. When I started playing golf i fell in love with the game very fast. I could play 12 hours straight without any problems. I think I will train very hard this year and take small steps. After this year I'll...
Hello everyone! Im 20 years old, and im wondering what you guys thinks about the chances for a 20 y/o boy to become a pro? My hcp at the moment is around 10. If i give all, and dedicates a lot of my time to golf, do you think I can become a professional player some time?   Best regards
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