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Shot my new lowest score on Saturday. 89.   Hit 0 greens. Only 30 putts. Shame it was only a casual round.
Lots of improvement in score in just one week. Shot 94 on Saturday. Most of that down to putting.   35 putts 5/14 fairways 5/18 GIR's
I watched parts of this. Some of the kids were really good, especially with the nerves. I saw some 12 year old hit a 250yd, straight down the middle, really impressive.   Also their faces when they barely hit the putt and it went 10ft past on 18!
Going to update this as a mini journal. Played 18 for the first time in a few years this weekend, shot 104.   43 putts 2 9's and an 8 - kind of expected a few blow up holes really.   Hit some decent shots for my standard though. I could tell I hadn't played for a while when I left a wedge next to the previous green, embarrassing walk back to get it!
Update: Had a bit of a practice and thought I'd video it, to make sure I was going in the right direction. Thoughts? http://youtu.be/FML5n3axRoQ
I know the first time I broke 100 in a competition it was the main junior stableford of the summer. Scored a 93 and got 50 points, was quite happy...
Thanks!   I'll have a practice at that and post another video when I think I've got it, or at least got it close. I've just taken a look at the other thread and can imagine how 'inside' my backswing is. I'll try and get my phone off the floor for videoing, rather than wedged in my shoes. Would a face view help as well?
Not this week, but anyway - I think one of my best shots was around 130yds out in the fairway. Hit  an 8i and it bounced about 3ft short left of the flag, past the hole and spun back right. Ended up about 2" from the hole. This was when 110+ was normal so for me it was amazing!
Thanks. And thanks. I'm aware I've got the ott swing, and upper body moves on downswing. Itonly happens when I hit the ball, not in practice swings etc so its probably my mind saying 'hit it!'
I've been Playing Golf for: on and off for 2 years, just getting back into it​  My current handicap index or average score is:24 My typical ball flight is: left to right The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: the slice Videos: Any feedback is very greatly received. If you need more info or need a better vid, let me know how I can improve that.
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