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are they stiff or regular shaft?
For a fairly new golfer you have a really nice swing....
Any reason they only allow 3 hours of coverage?
I bought the Taylormade R7 3Wood in stiff shaft.... it has become my money club.... 220 off the tee whenever i want, and DEAD STRAIGHT. I rarely hit driver anymore because its become my bread and butter.
Thanks for the feedback, i was thinking the 3 Hybrid would help replace the 5 wood and 4 Hybrid would help replace 3-4 iron. But i could be wrong :)
Hey All, Im looking to buy a couple Rescue Clubs to replace my 3 Iron and 5 Wood. Im thinking the 3 and 4 Rescue Dual. Here are my questions..... 1. Shaft - Graphite or Steel? I currently hit Stiff Steel Irons and Stiff Graphite Woods. How do I know which is "better" for me? Which is easier to hit? 2. TP or Rescue Dual? - From what I understand TP are harder to hit consistently and are for the better golfer, smaller sweet spot, easier to work... etc. Is this...
I wrote we're back in it after Friday's matches :) Not today. This one is over. Although if Weir can upset Tiger i'll go insane.
Dont look now but we're back in it. GO WEIR!!!
Mahan/Stricker Scott/Ogilvy Mickelson/AustinSingh/Weir Cink/JohnsonSabbatini/Immelman Toms/FurykEls/Cabrera Glover/VerplankAppleby/Goosen Woods/HowellChoi/O'Hern
Yesterday, Par 5. Hit my drive left along the tree line... found it short but on the dirt and barely had a stance, pulled out a 3 iron to choke down and just try to advance it.... duff the ball out of there leaving about 260 yds in... asked my friend if i could borrow his Taylormade Rescue (I have never hit this club) smashed one but went way right behind some trees.... chipped it through the trees over a hill onto the green and made a 10 footer to save par. Just...
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