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  From what I can see too much head movement on the backswing, as well as alot more early of a release than there should be. Ballstriking has been slightly inconsistent lately. Mainly a 15-20 yard hook with the longer irons and driver. Nothing to get me in too much trouble but more of a right to left than I'm looking for to be my normal shot shape.
Navy air traffic controller. One of the best jobs out there.
Thank you for that video @mvmac. Hopefully the lack of shoulder rotation is due to a little offseason rust. I've never had the problem before, and lately it seems like I've been pulling a lot of shots as opposed to my normal push. Will definitely give that a shot and put another video up soon. Weathers been pretty nasty so we will see next time I get out.
    How's it going everyone? I've been playing for 6 going on 7 years. Was down to an 8 handicap back in high school when i was playing everyday. Took off for about a year and the handicaps slowly made its way up to an 11. Got fitted for these irons about a week ago and swing speed was consistently 93-94mph with a 6 iron. Still a little inconsistent ballstriking so i figured I'd throw up a video and get some help. Just filmed a few 7 iron swings. The main thing I...
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