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Just my opinion, like the one you have. Uhhhhhh, I am sure you watched the display at the HERO? 
Yes, I think the game is fine. TV was only meant to entertain us, in between the times when we can't play. Too bad the golf coverage is less about watching shots and appreciating the aptitude versus listening to a has been or never was and the "over hype" of the moment or drill endless blather about things unrelated.   
 I think he is in Augusta to get in a practice round for the Par 3. Guessing on his Tournament shot/hole count would be a great contest, but I can't imagine that he is has improved enough in only a couple of weeks to risk the embarrassment that Augusta could dish out. The Masters doesn't deserve the distraction that Woods' represents every time he shows up.   https://youtu.be/ag-WokbWz7U   Due to his failing health, maybe he needs to go into "Furyk Mode" and accept he...
For 27 minutes of Golf Central last night, I still had no clue who was leading the Tournament. No-Tah as Rolfing likes to say put it best when he stated; " This is not world class and Tiger would admit it". Gannon had a great response to the Tiger impromptu speech in the parking lot, "I do not understand that last statement and I have never heard of an athlete using those words".      I thought Brandel was going to hand Kelly "Let's hang 'em" " Tighlman a hanky. 
Sorry, I had to amend my list and make mention of Steve Sands. How that one slipped by is unknown. Seems as though he is falling in line as yet another color man with no golfing knowledge, who constantly "fishes" for answers to rhetorical questions.     Ok, I'm done.
See my review of the course in the Golf Talk Forum, for those looking for something new in the Orlando area. You guys/gals are spoiled over there, that's for sure!
Update: This is a brand new track right behind the existing Champions Gate Complex. The best way to get to it: From I-4, Go North on Hwy # 27 4-5 miles until you get to Bella Citra Rd. You have to turn right and then go about 1.5 miles and look quickly right for the Lennar Homes entrance.   There is no Clubhouse at this time, but the Grand opening was this past weekend. Obviously, the greens are pristine and the remainder of the course looks great for this time of year...
It would be great IF the golf networks would realize that the "golfers" are the entertainment. Frank Chirkinian, Ebersol(NBC), Schenkel, Mckay, Longhurst, Wright, and Summeral i.e. knew this, and that is why I would agree that the Euro talking heads are better. The never ending talking before, during and long after a players' shot really wears a viewer out. With today's technology, did you know it's possible to actually hear the players/caddies talk? LOL  Who needs to know...
I 've always enjoyed saying from time to time; " Well, there's another Oral Roberts".... Referring to the great healer himself after a heeled effort.
The Copperhead Course can be demoralizing! I know for a fact as a former Staff member at the "Brook. The rough is especially brutal where the players walk off the green. For sure, it has been wet lately in this part of the world. I posted a 72 from the back at The Bayou Club on Sunday.    Cheers! 
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