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My OWGR formula knowledge is fuzzy, but Jimmy Walker played in and won a bunch of weak field events. Might have something to do with it?
Absolutely. Guys who miss the cut don't make a penny. I'm surprised more players with no shot of playing the weekend don't withdraw. Speaks to their sense of honor, responsibility, yada yada.  If people who think this injury faking is a problem, make the overall purse distribution pay out progressively to everyone in the tournament regardless of cut. People respond to incentives. It would solve the "problem" if it's actually a problem (either in the WDs matter or that the...
I pulled a random year from the 1990s and went to check the results for the Texas Open. In 1995, 14 (!!) players withdrew. 3 more were DQed. Stop stirring up hysteria just because you have bad memory. These things happen. They've always happened. Life goes on. Here, you can even check for yourself and everything:http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/valero-texas-open/past-results.html
Pure comedy!
Are you meaning to say Super Stroke instead of Super Soft?
They're both great. I like the gunmetal finish of the Taylormade but its sound is deafening. Honestly, you're picking between essentially the two most popular clubs on the market a year ago. Try them both and pick which one you like more or is cheaper. They'll play virtually identically. Personally, I'd go with the SLDR irons from Taylormade. They're a tiny bit more playery but I love the way they look. 
The shafts are the engine of the golf swing, but what are they to the car? Are they also the engine or are they the drive train? I think the grips are like the steering wheel and my divot tool is like fuzzy dice. My divot tool has a picture of fuzzy dice on it, so that may be why I'm thinking of that. These are all very important points. 
I know a guy who made up an injury to get out of a tournament a few years ago and most recently chucked his 3 iron into a lake. He never got to the level he was expected to, plateauing at #1 in the world. Ah, what could've been if he'd just been more mature.
This is perfect timing because I'm developing a game show called: "Is This a Description of Tiger Woods's Game or Maverick's Flying in Top Gun?" I know, we're working on the title.
But if, say, he were to be taking practice swings over the marker and the magnetic marker grabbed onto the putter, that'd be a penalty because its movement wasn't part of the marking process. Right?
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