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Get a yardage reading from the GPS shown on your watch and a club recommendation, tag your club with your watch like Game Golf, get your yardages in real time when you get to your ball for the next shot. And then have the watch be able to do whatever else it does on top of that. Not being a unitasker is what interests me most about that kind of technology. It's an exciting future to dream on.
Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy disclaimer applies, but I just had my best round of putting in a long time yesterday, and it was on a green that had recently been aerated. I think my lowered expectations let me putt more relaxed and, consequently, better. Or it was just random variance.
Literally the only reason I decided to upgrade to the iPhone 6 from the 5S was because of the 240 fps slo-mo feature in the camera. The 120 fps in the 5S has been super helpful for general swing plane and movement analysis, but I'm really psyched to slow down and see impact better. It's really exciting. Hell, the pro I took lessons from had a full studio and his camera only shot 60 fps. 
Knocking a ball off of a tee by accident when you're not making a stroke at it on a tee shot doesn't count as a stroke because it lacks the intent to make a stroke. If you're proceeding under stroke and distance from the tee, I don't believe that makes a difference since you're allowed to re-tee. I believe therefore he was hitting his 6th shot from the fairway. That said, two points for your friend: 1) After the second time you knock it off the tee, you're a schmuck for...
My favorite one I heard is calling putts that lip out a "prom date". All lip, no hole.
Last year I got what were most likely NXT Tours. I imagine these will be ProV1 or x balls because next year is the refresh on those so they'll be testing those now. Even years is the rest of the range, which is why I likely got that range of ball last year.
The NXT Tour is the ball I've played all season before bumping up to the ProV1x range last weekend for the first time. It's really a terrific ball. As an alternative, the ball I would buy if I were buying balls, would be the Callaway Hex Control balls from Costco. They play as well as the NXT Tour, but for a fraction of the price. Both really react well around the greens and on approach shots. Not as amazing as the ProV1x, but close enough. It's so much fun to not have to...
A lot of that may just be new grooves on the Vokey. The same Vokey after a few years of playing will feel a lot different than a copy of it you take out of plastic wrap a few years from now to compare because of the effect the fresh grooves will have. Notwithstanding that, the new Vokey wedges are wonderful products.
It's in the middle of suburbia, for what it's worth. 
 I'd like to add that I just noticed you were in Canada. I can't speak to the vagaries of Canadian credit card regulations, but it at least demonstrates that there are potential differences between debit and credit from the consumer perspective, at least in the US. The general rule of thumb is to use credit cards on any significant purchases where you could conceive of making a claim if something were to come up. 
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