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Those are options. Some people want to go out and play. As long as expectations are managed, I'd encourage that. And this guy is going to play so it's academic at this point. Having a great attitude about it is the most important thing. Hitting down as opposed to trying to scoop or sweep is also great advice. I'd also add he should consider a simple putting chip motion because it's easy to pick up and be functional around the green, even though I prefer an action with...
That's extreme. Most people will go in knowing they're terrible and just have fun. And pick up / place the ball as needed to keep up. My friend brought his girlfriend out to play a while back having never played. She just hit her 5 iron off the tee and fairway on most holes and eventually got near the green. Tried driver a few times for fun. Gave her a bag of about 20 balls and told her not to worry if she lost any or all. She was wildly unathletic and still managed fine....
I play the Tour version of the Covert 3-wood just because it's adjustable to 13°. And I think the black face looks sweet. I don't consider it harder to hit than the regular 3 wood when set at standard loft. If anything, I think it's easier because it looks bigger and I think has a higher CC head. Don't be too hung up on the Tour / regular labels, especially for Nike. 
We say stuff like this having played, knowing what it takes to get better, and seeing crappy golfers. But if you want to hook someone, sometimes just getting them out playing so they understand what the game is and then want to get better is fine. We want to grow the game, and that takes getting new people involved.  Take him to the range and have him work as much as he's willing to before getting antsy and wanting to go out and play, but yeah, screw it, go have fun. When...
Look at tennis with Federer, Djokovic, and Nadal breaking all kinds of records. But people just don't care in America like they did when it was Sampras and Agassi. 
Not only can I, I can't imagine how one could not. 
I play a 3 wood that is stiff while the rest of my set is regular flex. Never had any issues with it. I prefer it, actually. 
My understanding is that it's logistics of getting everything ready, like equipment, marketing, etc, and they want more lead time for it. And they can probably do a better job of getting more players on the same page that way with an earlier date.
I'm the same way; I've been working on a ton of dry swings, working on keeping connected in my swing and tucking my elbow in because it was an issue I spotted last year. But not hitting balls, I don't know if I'm gonna develop a shank or something as a result of the changes. But it feels good and keeps my mind occupied. But to the conceit of the thread: I nearly bought a 4 iron a few years ago because I was having a gap between my 5 iron and 4 hybrid and one particular par...
My honest opinion is that the 3 iron will probably wind up being a waste of money. At the very least, go hit one at a store or something first and see if you can handle it. It's a different animal. You can find used hybrids for way under $100. Taylormade's Jetspeed hybrids from last year were selling for $65 brand new on one of the deal sites last week. You can find plenty of used hybrids for around $50. Other new ones usually go around $70 for older models
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