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The NXT Tour is the ball I've played all season before bumping up to the ProV1x range last weekend for the first time. It's really a terrific ball. As an alternative, the ball I would buy if I were buying balls, would be the Callaway Hex Control balls from Costco. They play as well as the NXT Tour, but for a fraction of the price. Both really react well around the greens and on approach shots. Not as amazing as the ProV1x, but close enough. It's so much fun to not have to...
A lot of that may just be new grooves on the Vokey. The same Vokey after a few years of playing will feel a lot different than a copy of it you take out of plastic wrap a few years from now to compare because of the effect the fresh grooves will have. Notwithstanding that, the new Vokey wedges are wonderful products.
It's in the middle of suburbia, for what it's worth. 
 I'd like to add that I just noticed you were in Canada. I can't speak to the vagaries of Canadian credit card regulations, but it at least demonstrates that there are potential differences between debit and credit from the consumer perspective, at least in the US. The general rule of thumb is to use credit cards on any significant purchases where you could conceive of making a claim if something were to come up. 
Legal remedies available to you via debit card are more limited. With credit cards you can raise any number of defenses to a charge, while with debit cards, legally, they only care about whether or not you authorized the charge. The issuing bank / provider may or may not choose to be helpful beyond their statutory requirements in the interests of customer service and keeping you happy, but I would never count on that. If they're specifying one and not the other, it's...
That sums up my thinking exactly. It's the fact that with a first-gen product like this we don't have an established timeline for what their upgrade cycle will look like that make me curious of whether that improvement is worth waiting for because it's around the corner vs. a year and half away. I wish it were a Taylormade product, so that we'd already be on the 3rd generation.
Does anyone know how close they are to a second generation with this thing? I see the price is down to a more reasonable $199 on Amazon in the past week from the $230 range, but golf season is winding down in the northeast, so it might be prudent to wait on it until next year, since it seems like it has a lot of potential as a product to grow into more features. I was wondering if people had heard anything on this front. 
You have to read the downslope like a putting green sometimes or you can lose your cart into the woods if it catches a sideslope haha.
Yeah, if the course is hilly, pushing the cart up hills is no picnic. On one course I play, the 14th and 17th holes have huge upslopes right off the tee, so if there's a single riding a cart in our group and we hit the ball relatively near one another, I'll sometimes ask for a lift and just pull my pushcart along side the electric cart.
That distinction is so important and glossed over in the walking vs. riding debate. Buying a pushcart over renting one of the cheap ones at the course has also been a big help for me to make walking easier.
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