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I got my current set from Callaway Preowned in like new condition and everything was still in the original factory shrinkwrap. The 3 wood had a ding in it and they replaced it with a mint one. 
Could be a piece of natural debris that just flew by the camera close and thus appeared to be zooming by. Alien invasion is unlikely.
Despite the name, Callaway Preowned can get you a brand new 2014 Big Bertha driver for between $170 and 220 depending on whether you catch a 20% off sale.
I felt similarly about the X2 Hot. I tried it back to back with the 815 Alpha standard model and was giving up 10-15 yards regardless of how I adjusted it. Just didn't feel or look right to me. I've still yet to swing a Ping driver and I need to rectify that. I always get excited at the golf store by the Taylormade and Callaway stuff and by the time I work down to Titleist and Nike, I have no time or energy for other brands like Ping and Cobra. 
I looked it up, and I was thinking of 2013 with the spotlight coverage on Golf and the main thing on NBC. Last year was CBS.
Tiger running up behind the putt pointing into the hole is pretty sweet
I prognosticate that Golf Channel and whatever other channel that airs coverage will inexplicably manage to air less of Tiger's playing time than they should. Wouldn't surprise me to see Tiger play in a morning pairing Thursday before Golf Channel gets on air because they hate getting ratings.  Golf Channel had dedicated coverage of the stadium hole last year while NBC did the main tournament. Wouldn't mind a Tiger feed instead, haha. It's a cliche, but I would absolutely...
My goal for this year is a sub-15 handicap and breaking 85 on a par-72. Last year I wanted to get to below 20 and break 90. I got close on the handicap (got down to 22 from 30 in May when I started keeping track) and squeezed in my first 89 right after Christmas, so got it in just under the wire. I think the 85 is more realistic than the 15 handicap, but I think they're attainable now that I'm hitting driver instead of 3W on tee shots (first day of gaming driver again was...
It's something I'm going to experiment with changing, but, if I'm between clubs I almost always take less club and try to swing harder. Greens here tend to have little trouble in front of them and bad news behind, so I'd rather come up short than go over.    Otherwise, I have my distances mapped out, and I club accordingly. 
This is really sound advice; I'd just chime in with a few thoughts based on it: - The driver is usually the most expensive club in most people's bags. Unless you decide to go the used route, and depending on how much you care about aesthetics, getting a new driver early on might be excessive because you're probably erratic and experimenting with different deliveries, learning to hit the face consistently, and you might ding it up pretty good with some sky marks. I'm...
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