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The best argument to be made there is that the nonexclusive use language was meant to imply that the range would be usable for non-lesson use (ie, being used as a driving range for the public) in addition to being used for this guy's lessons. I don't think it's a winner, but it's conceivable, I suppose.
Depends on the teeing ground and how it sets up with respect to coming from the previous hole and proceeding to the rest of the hole. Sometimes its the natural place to go when going from the last hole. Other times it saves a trip back to the cart to proceed down the fairway. On par 3s, I need to get a yardage from the GPS in my cart. I won't go out of my way to bring my cart with me onto a teebox just because, but I wouldn't think twice about doing it if it makes sense to...
While all of those things could certainly be a problem if they happened, I've never encountered such an issue. Teeing grounds where I play could generally fit a few tanks, so it hasn't been much of a problem.
I kinda don't care about stuff like that. I mean, sure, those slow it up. But I look at it as a big picture thing: keep up with folks ahead of you. You can take 5 tee shots but be sure you make up for that time somewhere when you realize you need to catch up or if you're holding folks up. I've been in groups where we fall behind a bit, and it's even been my fault on one occasion or another, but I try to be mindful about making sure we make up that time as soon as possible...
I'd love to have 4 and a half hour rounds. On weekends here, 5 and 5 and a half are standard, with 6 being in play sometimes. I'm not happy about it, but I've never experienced faster golf and accept that it's a full day affair, so I try to not get too upset get it.
Seems dramatic. I think it'd be more circumspect to just say one should avoid doing things that damage the course. Nothing I've ever seen has made me suspect the areas have been worse for the wear.
Fair enough. If those courses posted a notice or added a line on the scorecard to that effect, I'd happily act accordingly. Absent that, I think it's fair game.
I'm really hoping Phil's inevitable captaincy coincides with the Ryder Cup coming to Bethpage Black in 10 year. That'd be a match made in heaven.
Yeah, I have no problem putting my cart on the tee box. It's basically fairway.
Nice shot! = I was checking my phone
New Posts  All Forums: