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This thread is becoming like Augusta National at the end of May: overheating and ready for a break.
Well, look, I'd look at it this way: you can spend about $100 re gripping your clubs and most likely not getting the result you're looking for or you could try a lesson from a pro with a launch monitor and pinpoint the issue for the same money. If you're gonna regrip anyway, you probably won't make it worse, with the caveat that @SavvySwede made, so if you're comfortable with it in that case, go for it. It's just not likely to help is the point I think you can take away...
Yes. I've been on wrong fairways, under trees, etc. Accuracy is not an issue at all. Only thing I had a problem with this week was the app not moving to the next hole and my not noticing, so it thought I hit two putts, and then apparently laid back to a comfortable yardage with my driver. That was a mess to correct in the software. Other than forgetting to tag or tagging throwing me off (it's definitely a distraction on 2nd putts / tap ins), no big issues.
Have you tried actually clubs with jumbo grips to see whether you'd like them / they'd fit your hands / resolve your hooks?
I'm planning on switching to a new driver at some point in the next year and it's been 2 years since I got mine through a set. Want a proper one with lower loft and a stiffer shaft.
I'd be highly skeptical this would make any difference, but even so, this would be about 40 or 50 places down the list of things I would try to fix a destructive shot pattern. There's a lot of things you should work on first. Do you have an idea why you're only hooking your irons and not your driver? I'm actually the same way, where my miss is an over draw with the irons, but that rarely happens with my woods. For me, I'm realizing that I get my weight too far forward...
I was a bogey golfer at the end of last season and after the winter and some swing changes, you could have confused me for a complete beginner for the first 3 weeks of this season. The golf swing isn't natural for a lot of us and there's a ton of moving parts. It takes time to regain after a long layoff. Break it down to simple pitchy / chippy shots and focus on making contact and rebuild your swing from there, making bigger and bigger swings. In the alternative, get lessons.
OK, I took one of your earlier comments about it not being impressive to mean that you thought they shot it over a few attempts. ie, staged it.
I mean, who's saying he used his gamer? If we buy that it's staged, he doesn't have to be using a specced out driver. Any pink colored driver could have stood in in this grainy night footage. Personally, I buy that it's real and that Bubba is kind of a dickish drunk dude apparently. In any event, wasn't really all that impressive for a guy with his amazing hand-eye coordination. I think any average drive of his on Tour is way more unbelievable and wondrous to me.
Depends on your typical shot shape and your common miss. My draws tend to get away from me and occasionally be a mild push. Fades I only hit to get around trouble. Try hitting it straight, haha. But do what you can to best keep water out of play, subject to your misses.I'd worry less about shaping shots of you can help it and try to get your stock shot consistent. Even the pros don't work the ball as much as TV announcers seem to make it out to be the case.
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