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Me too. They're aware of it and working on a fix via update.
The tagging was a hassle the first time but once I learned some of the tricks of the app, it's been a breeze.
They've been having issues with rounds from the mobile app not uploading correctly for about a month. I've been in touch with their CSRs and while they were nice and responsive, the solution involves waiting for an upcoming update. I screenshotted my round on my phone and did what they said which was to reinstall the app and enter everything manually.
Bridgestone e5 sounds like it's right up your alley. But there's a billion threads more specific to your question.
Taylormade and Callaway tend to release a lower-end / cheap ball every year branded after their big iron / wood lineup, like a Burner, Rocketballz, X2 Hot, Diablo, etc. 
I will inhale exactly however many Pringles I have in my possession at any given time. It's a sickness. I'm a plain man myself; don't care for any flavored chips outside of maybe sea salt, which is just plain but unnecessarily expensive.
Please see the following thread:http://thesandtrap.com/t/36/golf-jokes-master-threadAlso, it's been like 7 years already. The Tiger cheating jokes are played out.
This was only your 5th post. You just made your 8th recently, so it should be available to you now.
I mean, other than the fact that they were dishonest about how they were shills for the product and the claims behind the putter made no sense, I really have no issue with any of what happened.
They'll both get you where you need to go. Unless one is paying for you to put their logo on their hat, play the one you like the look of more. 
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