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Too much great auto racing this Sunday to bother with a Euro tour event or a second rate Tour event haha.
Yeah, a lot of these labels are subjective and don't really mean all that much. I would think Callaway themselves would call both GI irons and I'd agree. I think their Big Bertha irons would fall more into the SGI or UGI range. For what it's worth, I've hit the X2 Hot irons, including their 4 iron. Incredibly easy to hit and I suck.
While it's not strictly accurate to separate them out completely like this, I'd think of closing the stance as a way of pushing path outward, while closing the club face aims the club face left. Changing one or the other is to achieve a specific result for your shot.
I randomly looked up the X2 Hots the other day on the Maltby Playability Factor and remember them being rated lower on that scale than I thought. I just googled it to confirm and the XHots are rated Ultra GI and X2 as GI. Now, this isn't a perfect measure and the X2 Hots are really friendly, but I just think you got them twisted in your head. If I recall, the XHots were pretty chunky, which would make sense for why they would be more forgiving.
They talked about it during Masters coverage a little.
Golfnow's pricing scheme is whatever they feel is best for their business long term so I don't get hung up over it. I think they overcharge and I don't see the benefit of their service when it's more expensive than showing up and paying sticker price most times, which is why I don't really use them often. But I do on principle object to them adding fees to the advertised price. It's dishonest. Tax is one thing, but what they charge for a hot deal and their fee is not...
"Hey, that's a mighty nice golf swing you got there. It'd be a shame if something were to happen to it."
Yeah, 6 shanks in a row is practically a part of my warmup routine on the range, like yoga is for Miguel Angel Jimenez.
There's not even a standard for what stiff is within a manufacturer. Sports Authority had an X Hot FW on clearance in a stiff the other day. I picked it up and it felt like a senior or even lady's flex. Meanwhile, their 2015 Callaway clubs have much stiffer "stiff" shafts. Part of that is them playing to the egos of their market; they know guys tend to buy clubs too stiff for their needs, so they weaken what stiff is. Clubs need to be tried out at the very least. 
I mean, they're not Super Game Improvement irons by any stretch, but they're not THAT far towards the players iron end of the spectrum. While they're probably not the best fit, that shouldn't be confused with being a bad fit. I think they still offer plenty of help for a high handicapper. The low 500s Maltby Playability Factor of the AP2 is a little less than Callaways X2 Hot iron and about even with its X2 Hot Pro model. So it's not like it plays like a bladed iron or...
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