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Jason Day -11 Brendon de Jonge  -9 Keegan bradley -10
Every year I gather with good friends and we watch Masters Sunday together, doesn't get much better! BY FAR my favorite event of the year!! I would like to see Rory snatch a jacket this year, this was a pic I got of him at the PGA Championship a few years back.   
I also live clear across town from where they were doing all the filing and events, makes it pretty tough.   Side note for us Minnesotans: I was at Mississippi Dunes last Friday and they hope to open in 2 weeks! Come on sunshine!!!
Sorry you did not make it man! I  was in the mix for a minute but my life is just too dang busy to commit to something like this. It is a great concept and they are going to do some really cool stuff with it. I would hang around and make an effort to stay in touch with those guys, there will be more to come! Love the mag cover :-) 
I am beyond excited for this summer. This winter for most was so brutal. I have cabin fever like not other this year. Ready for sunshine and cold drinks! 
I see this is an old thread but I had to say quite entertaining, why not bump it to the top for some more laughs. I was reminded of personal favorite....LBH - Lost Balls per Hole! Nothing like hitting 7 off the tee!!
I am MN so playing today is not an option, but i played this winter while at the PGA Show in Orlando and played really well at the Legends at Orange Lake. We played match play but I think i shot about 10 over. Really good for being a 14. Made some amazing wedge shots to within ~6 feet on 2 holes. One to win the 9 hole match :-) Was a great day! 
I am excited to say I help run a professional golf league across the country. Pretty much my dream job! 
Hello everyone! I had posted briefly on this site last year, but it was when i worked for a company. I was quickly told to stop posting "advertisements" . Well i am back as just myself this time! I am a golf nut and look forward to joining some conversations and chiming in with my 2 cents as well as learning new things from you Trap veterans!    ps. can't wait for warmer weather and snap hook push 3 putts to get my game in form!
New Posts  All Forums: