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I joined this league to play with my mother who is a snow bird and it was a way for me to spend extra time with her when she was in town, which is another awkward piece to my dilemma.
I am the only under 50 person - but the funny thing is they want me to continue to play as a "guest" because the treasurer told me "they don't want me to win.
a problem with that is right now I am the only under 50. They have flights in the league - (A-D). But I will suggetst that as I hope to get more ladies to play.
it has been an "everyone welcome" league. As quoted by the treasurer "they don't want you to win". They want me to continue to play as a guest - but not be able to win any events/prize money.
I am trying to find out if any golf course around has an Over 50 league.  I am 46 (the youngest in the league) and have been a member of a league for 3 years, at an executive board meeting the "older ladies" decided to exclude me they would propose to make their league an over 50 league.  I am trying to find out first if any other course has such leagues and if so did they originally start that way or one day was there a vote to exclude people.  Secondly I am trying to...
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