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Day One – Friday 1 point for each correct answer 1) EURO 2) 2 3) 1 1/2 4) USA Day Two- Saturday 2 points for each correct answer 1) 2 2) USA 3) 4 4) Euro Day Three Sunday 2 points for each correct answer. 1) 6 2) 2 3) 4 4) lose 5) lose 6) win 7) win 8) tie 9) tie 10) win 11) 3 12) 3 13) 1 14) 3 1/2 15) USA 16) 10 Bonus. 7 points for correct answer, 3 points for correct hour. 17) With the 1st singles match heading out at 11:40am and the last 1:45PM local time,...
I was cleared to swing a golf club 6 weeks after my microdisc surgery and I was obviously not rushed back.  This isn't a fusion or disc replacement.  A standard micro disc surgery is not a big deal.  He will be walking around today.  My guess is he is back by the US Open.
I agree with you 100%.  It isn't helping his golf game and I would argue it has hurt it.  
Ironically I think its more likely his herniated disc is related to his workout regime than his golf swing.  Lifting heavy weight is a good way to do it.
 Yeah I actually had a large amount removed.  Mine was a sever case.  However since it was early and quickly I recovered almost immediately since my nerve didn't have significant damage.  My comments that it isn't a structural change comes from my doctor.  Meaning nothing is added or changed.  They are just removing disc which is already protruded and not being used. IMO the concern for Tiger is more about how long will this help.  As you said the disc is gone forever and...
Very true regarding the disc material is gone forever.  Decent chance Tiger could be looking at the surgery Goosen had in the future.  From everything that i read prior Tiger wasn't dealing with a lot of nerve pain yet.  It also seems like they caught it early.  If that is the case he will likely feel 90% better within a few weeks.  The lingering pain is generally from permanent nerve damage.  Sounds like you have that.
He will most likely be back for the US Open.  I was back swinging a club after 6 weeks and I wasn't on an aggressive schedule obviously.
I had this same back surgery last year.  He will recover very quickly from it as nothing structural is changed.  Expect him back before the next major.
At first I didn't like the graphic.  However I find it extremely useful when I have the volume on mute.  Easier to follow along. 
Henrik Stenson's game is rounding back into form just in time.  I like his game on this track.  Think he has a great shot.  It is also just a matter of time before Jason Day wins at Augusta.  He has incredible touch around the greens and just bombs his drives.  Those 2 are my favorites.
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