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You should check out the Mizuno F-60 5 wood its easily deep enough for the tee but shallow enough to hit off the deck and they can be had cheapish on ebay
Standard R9 the 420cc version not 460, this one is fully adjustable. The Callaway FT-5 is the tour version in neutral and not the imix version. Thanks for the reply
Hi i am a 14 hcp and have the option to buy a R9 for £50 or a Callaway FT-5 for £35. I am not sure which i should buy they both go pretty well and I carry the ball around 260-70 yards with each club when I tested them. I do like the look of the R9 and the adjustability idea but does it work and is it worth it? What would the main pros and cons that they may have over each other be?   Thanks
MP-32 are my favourites
I find it too big and clunky to putt with and that it exagerated my putting mishits and did little to correct them. Many tour pros have had success with it though as well as the futura X, which i find a much better putter i feel the design of it works better and it is more balanced overall when i tested it. I also find them going for around £50 on ebay so $100 may not be such a great deal. I feel its best to try and find one and test it before you decide or buy one if you...
I Agree a 3 hybrid is'nt really filling in the gap as most 3 hybrids are 21 sometimes even 22 degrees so it would'nt really be suitable to fill the gap. I find a 5 wood with a relatively shallow face would be best as it is still going to let you hit out of the rough easier and can obviously still be used off a tea and fairway. I find the Mizuno F-60 and Ping G10s good 5 woods overall. However with all this said there are a few long 3 hybrids out there that you could use....
I find the original steelhead still keeps up with todays three woods to be honest
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