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All good points. I would like to see some fire from the younger guys.
And you may not agree, but gold digging is now a career. Some people just take that course and live that life. It's not cynical. You have decided that marrying a man for financial stability is a negative thing. Many, many people don't see it that way at all. You may disagree, but that's just the way it is now.
Dufner made 2.2 million in 2009. Settle down guys...he was rich. Dufner mentioned wanting to retire early....she said "no way". He wanted to go to the NCAA conference championship ....she said no....you need to go make some money. He again talked about retiring and she said...the. She would just go to work. She's showing classic signs guys. Party, travel....but not really wanting a lot of down time with him. It's not cynical. It's become a very popular thing these days....
Tiger won 5 times last year. Health crumbled now just back to playing and it's being questioned if he'll make the team. Reed won twice and since has flopped miserably with no injury. A new baby, but otherwise just showed he was hot for 2 weeks. And this is what we need for our team?
Again, Keegan, Phil, Simpson...yeah they've had some poor rounds....but Reed? He's missed cuts. Not top 50.... Not good rounds but in a deep field....he's missed cuts. Period. Reed is a flop. Let em go.
Will do. Thanks. If I end up liking the Callaways or Titleist..it'll be a great excuse to buy a new bag too.....lol
LOL!!! Awesome.
Pretty obvious what's going on in that relationship. No big deal. Happens all the time.
Patrick Reed? Reed? No business being there. Sure he won a couple of matches back to back. Now afterwards had he continued to have top 10 finishes....good pick. But he hadn't just played inconsistent...he hasn't made cuts. Since his top 5 claim he's played in what 5 tournaments and he's made 1 cut? Dump him.
I do.
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