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Absolutely right. However, fighting, disrespecting, and resisting are not the proper ways to show your disapproval of the cop/cops in question. Something needs to be done for sure, but in my suggestion all of these people would still be alive. There are thousands of cops who are wonderful and act professional only to be killed while controlling their emotions. STOP PROVOKING COPS. File your complaint and protest peacefully.
They're also helping protect police officers as well. We all know there are bad cops out there. But there's a lot of bad civilians as well. I'm certainly not justifying these cops behavior as of late, but the fact is that just about all if not everyone of these recent tragedies stemmed from the civilian resisting, smart mouthing, fighting or disrespecting the officer. As I said earlier, play it cool and protest intelligently afterwards. You may not win your case, you may...
The critical lesson here is how the guy in the car acted. Although the officer was completely in the wrong, the driver stayed calm and didn't get hot headed and resistant. Had this exact incident happened to many other civilians we've seen in the news, cussing and yelling at the cop, getting out of the car and refusing to do what the cop asked and eventually a fight/shooting. This guy will take his case to the proper authority, state his case and everybody lives. This is a...
What do you guys think a set of Titleist AP2's in great condition may be worth? 4-W...DG300 shafts....left handed?
Pork chops with my Ping Wedges, trenches with my Edel. Bacon with my mid irons...brush the turf with long irons and woods.
I agree.
I may have misunderstood you. Although I agree talent is spread across many different areas and can be compensated/utilized many ways like Zach Johnson, I don't believe desire or dedication is a talent. Working hard even in bad weather shows a strong commitment but isn't in itself talent. Of course talent can be very obscure and is often measured by the product it produces. If two individuals have the same instructor, put in the same effort and time on a task/sport...(golf...
Gotta second Mike on the S55's. I played Titleist AP2 for a short while (great irons) but got a great deal on some S55's and haven't touched the AP2's in months.
LOL! Classic. Man I tried a few episodes....just couldn't do it. I'm a certified golf fanatic but just feel this is really....golf.
Regarding the aggressiveness of his current swing from 2013....that may well be correct. But did you see the video piece they did during the U.S. OPEN showing his swing on the range and on the course? On the range he was striping it swinging quite gracefully. On the course he was swinging like a bat outta hell. I believe his head was dipping about 4" lower on his downswing on the course than on the range.
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