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I got the Big Moss. Really like it.
Mental. Period.
Ok settle down. Golf is a cruel sport. It's a sport where you really have to have some innate ability to be real good. Unlike many other sports, really hard work is often unrewarded or temporarily rewarded at best. I do agree the responses to your improvement were a little harsh. But they're just stating the inevitable. Golf hates us. I hope this feeling you've found sticks. I'm anxiously waiting for my next good day of ball striking, as temporary as it will be.
I jump around different courses. Yeah I've met some good folk as well. But I just moved to Colorado so starting over again. I'm trying to relax a little and enjoy the game. But, I'm so damn dedicated to becoming a good golfer it gets in the way. I just wanna be like Iacas.
I feel ya bro! Same for me. It's a gamble for me. Many times I get stuck in a group that know each other and they have their own "style". Unfortunately sometimes it's kind of a mess. Slow playing, poor etiquette, too much booze, pansy PC people... But it's my fault that I don't have the confidence to play in the "gangsom". Most are the type that just want to win some money and don't care how they play as long as they win. I'm the complete opposite. If I shoot low or mid...
Absolutely! Also: 1. I've never lost a ball on the green. 2. I've never been penalized an extra stroke for hitting a bad putt. 3. I've never shanked a putt. 4. I've never lost distance and gained a stroke for missing a putt. 5. I've never worried about hurting anyone from a bad putt. 6. Taking 4 or 5 shots to reach the green is very common for new golfers, but 4 or 5 putting isn't.
http://preview.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/flames-president-violent-athletes-dont-deserve-paychecks/ar-BB4KHOD MMoan....there u have it.
If it was because I beat a child or slugged a woman and dragged her like a piece of meat? Yep. You can call me a lousy a Dr. and a horrible person. Rehabilitate? LOL! Boy are you in La La Land. Yelling at your wife and being short tempered is grounds for counseling. Beating a child with a stick or having it in you to knock a woman to unconsciousness is not a subject for rehabilitation. I've spent years and years around those kind of people. They are not capable of...
@@mmoan2 I couldn't disagree with you more. From what you wrote, how can there be thousands of College and NFL players who are great guys with great families and never had any problems with the law? They lift weights and hit hard every game too. Hell, I played college football and did MMA and I'm a physician now. Playing a rough sport hardly gives an excuse to beat a child or knock out a woman. These guys are low life thugs. Period. They don't care about life or people....
@iacas True Erik. The problem is I'm hitting off nice grass not mats and my terrible shots on the course are happening on beautiful flat well manicured fairways just as much as in rough or uneven lies. You're right about finding GOOD instruction. I need to search my area I guess. I just moved to Colorado and am sure I can find a good one. Do you by chance know any instructors in the Denver/Fort Collins/Greeley/Loveland area? Or, How would I go about getting lessons...
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