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I've browsed around various websites including some emails from the Graves Golf Academy. I've also been on a few forums regarding Moe's swing. Unfortunately a strange phenomenon seems to be that people who have delved into it seem to be rather irritable and defensive. Make any mention of the swing not being your cup of tea or that Moe Norman wasn't the greatest golfer who ever lived and they pout, take their football and go home. Leftofmoe, I apologize, but I actually...
Well...I pulled the trigger. Just scored a new set of titleist ap2's 4-gw! After hitting numerous clubs and shaft changes...settled on AP2 with S300 DG shafts. Really feel nice. Ping Answers were nice....just couldn't justify the extra dough for no real preference other than having mostly Pings in my past. Longest irons I hit were the Callaway Apex irons. But they just didn't grab me like the Titleist did. Anyway....love em.
Hey Jim...sorry for the delay. The move has eaten my time away. I'm pulling the trigger soon on new clubs. I'd give you a great deal on the G25's if you're still interested.
Chris Demarco captain Assistants: Phil, Davis Love,Azinger, Couples That's the winning crew.
Yes! And it comes with some foam snakes so you can add some break. Two different holes each with the insert to make the holes smaller. It's a great green and holds up well to a vacuum cleaner.
I got the Big Moss. Really like it.
Mental. Period.
Ok settle down. Golf is a cruel sport. It's a sport where you really have to have some innate ability to be real good. Unlike many other sports, really hard work is often unrewarded or temporarily rewarded at best. I do agree the responses to your improvement were a little harsh. But they're just stating the inevitable. Golf hates us. I hope this feeling you've found sticks. I'm anxiously waiting for my next good day of ball striking, as temporary as it will be.
I jump around different courses. Yeah I've met some good folk as well. But I just moved to Colorado so starting over again. I'm trying to relax a little and enjoy the game. But, I'm so damn dedicated to becoming a good golfer it gets in the way. I just wanna be like Iacas.
I feel ya bro! Same for me. It's a gamble for me. Many times I get stuck in a group that know each other and they have their own "style". Unfortunately sometimes it's kind of a mess. Slow playing, poor etiquette, too much booze, pansy PC people... But it's my fault that I don't have the confidence to play in the "gangsom". Most are the type that just want to win some money and don't care how they play as long as they win. I'm the complete opposite. If I shoot low or mid...
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