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Kind words, but won't soften the blow. Japan didn't score the goal. Bassett scored the goal against her own team. That's a tough one to shake off. There were 100 things ok she could've done with the ball. One bad one. She did the one. But hopefully her friends and family will help her let go of some of the pain. I feel for her.
I tried it. No go for me. Silly and pointless.
Yeah....just awful. Horrible way to end it. That will be her Scott Hoch putt.
England looks awful right now....
I would just swap Leroux with Rapinoe, I'm not sure of the bench crew, and I know I'm harsh on Morgan, but it can't be hard to find another forward to replace her. Morgan just isn't WC level..may be the injury, but either way, she's not good enough for this level.
Very good points. But the WC is not a time to cater to "getting better" players. I agree Rapinoe is good back...but I'd like to see her get the defending keeper nervous. Morgan scores the left over gimmies....she doesn't rip rockets at the keeper like Rapinoe could.
[ insert Debbie Downer's wuuump wuhhhhh]
Alex Morgan has a range well inside the 18 and requires multiple touches if challenged in the least bit. She often completely misses the goal when pressed because she doesn't know where she is on the pitch. This happens because she keeps her head down which is a common fault of lower skilled soccer players...which she is. Rapinoe has a great boot. The best one out there. All those gorgeous crosses she sends into the box? Too strong for Morgan to control, too fast for...
Yep. Good call on Lloyd. I think Rodriguez may have been sidelined as a risk in that she'll be fresh for next game. She's been kind of a "finisher" if you will. If we had been losing they would've pulled her in I think. My preference? Rapinoe center striker, Rodriguez on right wing and Ohara on the left. I'd bench Alex Morgan....no way near WC level.
Bad call...we didn't deserve our spot ball. But nonetheless we scored an honest goal as well. First half we looked great with our passing and ball control. Unfortunately as usual the highly overrated Alex Morgan flubbed some easy ones and killed a few good chances to assist as well. Our girls will win the WC but we have a few time bombs that could cause a disaster: 1. Alex Morgan. Watch a video of her "best goals" all her goals are unchallenged gimmie inside the pk mark....
New Posts  All Forums: