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Well put. I'd say the same thing. Just a damn good book. I want Brandle Chamblee to read it.
Played 9 holes Wednesday. Snow/rain let up and shot to 50 degrees with sun. Nice peaceful round and I felt relaxed. Despite weather turning cold again around 4th hole I shot +1. Two bogies and a birdie rest pars. Best shot was a par 3 194yds dead into a cold wind. Flushed a 6i 5' from the pin...MISSED THE DAMN PUTT. So tap in for par. But hey, great 9 holes and felt good.
Get the book "Lowest Score Wins" from which you took an excerpt from. If you're serious about golf it's a must read.
Never been a fan of his humor. Nice guy I'm sure, but his humor is the style you'd find at a bible camp or some real straight laced groups where I'd never be found. Harmless, nice...yes. Funny? Not at all.
www.lpga.com/contact-us/faq The average yardage for an LPGA Tour golf course is between 6,200 and 6,600 yards. I'm not sure what "regularly" would amount to. But good point. I wonder how the scores fair when they play 7000yds+?
I know this seems like almost a cliche of an answer, but not being able to actually hit the club makes this a difficult call. What might be labeled as a "universally forgiving" may not be so great for you...for your own style, taste, swing, etc. With that being said, I don't think there is such a difference between later series, especially with a brand that pumps out sets so often. Are you wanting a name brand because you hope it will improve your ball striking? Or are...
I would...but not in black. Erik...you should be on the golf channel. Your knowledge and insight is one of the best I've ever come across. For the millions of people who are just crazy about golf...you're a true asset.
Yeah. That seems to be the conclusion here. Would be a great event to watch.
I don't disagree with this. I do think it's interesting to consider the scratch golfer as each would be different obviously. Iacas made a good point about the advantage the scratch would gain by playing the ladies tees. Consideri:1. If he's a real accurate driver....he'd be hitting wedge/SW on his approach on most of the holes. If his best area is short game...he'd be a strong player.2. If he's not strong with his driver...he could hit 3W and still have a short...
In regards to lucy Li ( 11 yr old qualifier for US Open): Among the pros whom Li beat here were Mika Miyazato, who has three top-10 U.S. Open finishes and won $1.3 million in 2012; Kristy McPherson, who won more than $800,000 in 2009; and Marta Silva, the NCAA national player of the year in 2011. This just makes me wonder what a scratch male golfer could do. I mean criminey, an 11 year old girl?
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