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Again, we're not discussing if there are any sports, games, activities where a woman has outperformed a man. We are pondering if there are any sports (particularly) where women can equal men, not relatively,but equal. Women have zero chance of competing with the men in track and field. Even Serena Willliams herself said she couldn't compete with a male pro tennis player. Baseball is a sport in my book. Again, you could not assemble a women's pro baseball team that could...
Nor do they need more power,strength in putting yet.....Also, Billiards isn't really a sport, it's a game.
I gotta agree with that, looks " A Swing" to me. Clubface keeping at the ball which varies the lack of forearm rotation on bs.
Average male (US) is 5'9 height. 191 weight. I'd say 5'9 129 is small.
If you search this site "blades vs GI" you'll find all the info you want. Cheers.
I'm not with Evolvr. Thanks for the tips. Will post again.Great idea, thank you!
Wow, thank you so much Mike. I've got some things to work on....but I won't spend 6 hours at the range...short and precise. I know the video was sloppy but cleaned up would that suffice for Evolvr? Adding a DTL view of course..
About a month ago. Poor video as neeeed to be more centered, sorry. This was a 7i. It was a good ball strike that carried about 170yds. I look to slouched over and don't like how low my right arm is on my chest.
I think it's been discussed before, but I'm not a fan of the "slot." It's the Bermuda Triangle for me. When I laterally move my hips to the right (I'm leftie) it does nothing to my arms. They don't drop into any slot. I think I need to take some swings from parallel back to parallel through and learn this proper rotation. From the 5SK disc 1 I do the stretching up my left side and compressing my right which just leads me to plow the ground about 6" behind the ball.
Sorry...quoted wrong post..that was to Natural Patrick and Ship Stix
New Posts  All Forums: