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"Get on the course when it is empty, on a nice day when with no to little wind" Lol. sure...no problem.
Yeah....I watch Crossfield...really like him. Herman Williams too. I know I usually get forward pretty well as I end up facing the target with all my weight on my forward foot and I usually take a real nice divot with a solid hit. But I fear I may be coming a bit out to in which is a "cheat" to hit it solidly as Erik mentioned in the post about the A Swing.
I'm a bit cynical when it comes to "slotting the club" and all the nonsense I read about "oh it's just gravity...my arms are just along for the ride." Nonsense. Perhaps these people "feel" that way...but it ain't real. Remember when Ace Ventura (Jim Carey pet detective when nature calls) gets hit by the numbing darts? He's swinging his torso with no active/deliberate movement of his arms. That's not at all what happens in a golf swing. If it did...it would be a miracle to...
I think it's the wrist action that gives me trouble which is always a problem with me. I've often wondered if my mixed handedness causes my issues. I golf,bat,bowl and throw left handed but I write, play tennis, and throw a frisbee right handed. From my days of UFC training I punch with equal strength left or right. So, I have a hard time feeling any side to be dominant in my swing. I think I was starting the swing correctly....the first half of the "V"....but the...
can't claim to be doing it right. Critical. I tried it today. No idea if I was doing it correctly. Yeah I hit some good ones but definitely not longer than my usual erroneous swing. I can't imagine anyone taking on this swing without a pro watching and helping along the way.
 Awesome martee. Keep us updated on what you think. We have a similar hcp so I'd like to know how it's going for you. I'm still working inside. Weather sucks here. It's kinda silly, but I just can't get the shank feel out of my head when doing this without a ball. I hope it's not a total disaster when I try this on the range.
I play Ping S55 4-W and Ping Gorge 50SS 54SS 58WS wedges. My shafts are the Aerotech i110...absolutely love this set. I also just scored a Ping SF Tec G30 driver with Tour 65 X-stiff. Beautiful driver, beautiful irons.
Good call. Im more interested in other golfers opinions on the swing in general. Particularly, is it any "easier" than well....any other swing? For instance, I can't physically do Dustin Johnsons swing ....something would tear or snap if I tried it. But as far as feeling "natural" my natural swing is a shank 100% reliable. I'm gonna try this swing on the range..but as I said above....when I use the mirror and do it inside.....I "feel" the death virus lurking....
It's been cold and rainy here so I haven't been able to take the A Swing to the range. The swings I've done with a mirror sure make me "feel" like I'm either gonna hosel rocket it or push it severely. Gonna try this weekend.
You're monumentally wrong. Check your stats. Tiger beat many more than phil and Ernie. And in Jacks early days where he won most...there were only a handful who had a chance to beat Jack...and zero international competition.
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