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Average 3w on LPGA is 195yds. Only half a handful of "girls" would be trying that 475yds in two. Watching the awesome display of short game as well as booming drives and cutting corners are part of the excitement for me at the Masters. Neither of those would exist with the LPGA at Augusta.
Well, they'd just move the tees up to where they could. Just not the same for me.
Just read this. Absolutely loved it! Nice story, great humor and a good point made as well. Thank you.
I agree with this 100%
Disappointing response. I hope you're not one of those who feels rooting for the USA in the Olympics makes one xenophobic.I think you're completely wrong. Do you honestly believe if Tiger Woods was Romanian he would've generated the massive growth and interest in golf that he did here in the U.S. ?
Top 30 LPGA: Only 7 Americans Top 30 PGA: 19 are American As far as "growing golf" in the USA I don't see how a Masters at Augusta would play any role. It would be like inviting Germany, Brazil, Italy and France to play USA in a soccer match in a prized US location and call it a World Cup. Watching US Women get their skirts handed to them by an Asian dominated tour hardly gives inspiration to our young girls who are watching.
"people who were unable to go to the men's tournament would shell out for practice rounds and tournament rounds." Why? You mean the people who mostly go to see and walk the course? Because these "people" aren't shelling out for the other LPGA tournaments when a men's isn't going on. I love the Masters. But for me, watching the course get played by the LPGA would be like watching a slam dunk contest with the rim lowered to 9'. Just not the same.
Paula needs to read this forum's posts. I think there are several good reasons why this won't happen. In conclusion I vote no and I don't believe this will happen anytime soon.
With an already short season at ANGC I just can't see them taking another two weeks off for another Masters for the LPGA. I do think another prestigious tournament would be nice, but as I believe, the LPGA is just not deep enough with talent. You see these Cinderella stories winning on the PGA but with the LPGA it seems like the pro tennis circuit where there's a handful of players that lead/win every tournament.
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