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332 yd drive...drew it over trees and landed 10yds short of a front greenside pond. Par 4, feeling good. Shanked my 2nd shot...hit the bridge over the pond and slammed straight into the pond. Pretty much the norm for me. Big beautiful drive followed by a shank or chunk and scramble for bogey. This is way all the talk of wanting more distance is meaningless to me.
Masters: Jordan Spieth US Open: Ricky Fowler British Open: Justin Rose PGA: Billy Horschel Tiger won't finish top 20 in any of them.
Lol. All that's needed.
I think my swing plane is my demon. I practice much more than I play. Unfortunately I get so down on myself when I've worked so hard on the range only to totally collapse on the course. And I don't just hit ball after ball. I warm up with sand wedge then get out my Driver, 7i, PW and SW. I pick a target at the back of the range and create OB left and right. I then "play the hole". I do this most of the session. I usually do quite well. I understand I'm hitting on a...
If the weeks of ill-advised rankings releases can be used as any kind of guide, the Buckeyes may ace out the Big 12. The committee has overvalued a league that did virtually nothing in non-conference play, rewarding Big Ten teams for beating other Big Ten teams that hadn’t proved much. Ohio State was ranked fifth last week, ahead of Baylor, despite having fewer quality victories and a far worse loss. Michigan State was ranked eighth despite zero victories over ranked...
Auburn. Auburn plays 7 top 25 teams. 7. Ohio? Ya wanna count Vtech huh? The gophers! MSU....that's it. I know flukes certainly happen. But if Ohio had virtually any SEC team schedule ...they wouldn't be any where near 11-1. Period. If Ohio played 7 top 25 teams....they'd be right where they belong .....bottom of the top 25 if even that.
Ohio is 0-9 vs SEC bowl teams. 0-9. Their overall record is 19-24. That's miserable. Ohio has played 0 top ten teams this season (as usual). The facts are all over the Internet. Colin Cowherd has repeatedly explained how weak the big 10 is along with many other sports analysts. Herbstreit of course is biased as he played q-back there. Ohio fans never have a strong argument. I ask why they are 0-9 against SEC or why their overall bowl appearances are a disaster and nobody...
LOL!!! Ohio vs Alabama? What a humiliating experience for Ohio. Not even the same area code of play. Alabama would embarrass Ohio by at least 21pts.
@saevel Facts? What's Ohio's bowl record against SEC teams? Hell, look at their bowl record period. Why is it that Ohio gets their ass kicked the vast majority of the time in big bowl games? Why? Because as usual they have been pampered with an easy schedule and from the 1970's the old voters always put them where they don't deserve. They lost to friggin Vtech. They've beaten no one except a mediocre MSU. Beating the #25 Minnesota was hailed as an enormous victory....
Earnest .....maybe that day? Her average drive is 267. No biggie.
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