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Great question here. I thinks it helps to hear what others "feel" at this critical moment. I'm also glad to see that nobody (yet) has made that totally annoying and bs phrase "I just bump my forward hip a bit and my arms just fall in the slot". Total bs! Nobody swings with just their lower body and just let their arms go unless they've suffered a severe stroke and have paralyzed arms. I feel I start with my forward hip moving a little towards the target. I do feel a pull...
@NJpatbee Well, again have fun with it. But I have a little hesitancy when an 18hcp with an inconsistent swing uses the phrase "half a club" especially when referring to a golfballs effect. Fun. Flair. Done.
Well, in the world of statistics...I'm sorry but that equates to essentially...nothing. First you would need a much larger sampling size...(54 holes is nothing). Second it would at least need to be a blind study where you didn't know which ball you were hitting at any given time. But it's no big deal...it's just fun and flair.
I think it's really just fun to pretend you actually see a difference with whatever ball you're using. It adds more flair to the hobby. If you strike the ball like a touring pro with that consistency then I can see where a difference could be noticed. Minimal even then. I believe only extremes will have any difference for the majority of us on this forum or anywhere for that matter. For example, there's no question that hitting a completely solid cheap range ball will...
I wasn't referring to the current situation. OSU had one loss as well as Ohio but Ohios loss was to Vtech and OSU's was to FSU yet Ohio was ranked higher. You can't possibly argue Ohio's strength of schedule. It's pathetic. They are over ranked ...period. They lost to a weak team and have beaten nothing but weak teams. Listen to Cowherd....he's a hell of a lot more expert than you or I and be knows this is true.
Just hope that MSU blows Ohio out of the top 25. Such an overrated free pass team. They've beaten NO ONE and lost to an unranked weak Vtech. They lost to Vtech and beat cupcakes yet Oklahoma State barely lost to FSU and Ohio was given a higher ranking. Same old story....Ohio gets its free pass to an over ranked spot in the beginning....beats a bunch of cup cakes then gets their asses handed to them by a real team.
I've browsed around various websites including some emails from the Graves Golf Academy. I've also been on a few forums regarding Moe's swing. Unfortunately a strange phenomenon seems to be that people who have delved into it seem to be rather irritable and defensive. Make any mention of the swing not being your cup of tea or that Moe Norman wasn't the greatest golfer who ever lived and they pout, take their football and go home. Leftofmoe, I apologize, but I actually...
Well...I pulled the trigger. Just scored a new set of titleist ap2's 4-gw! After hitting numerous clubs and shaft changes...settled on AP2 with S300 DG shafts. Really feel nice. Ping Answers were nice....just couldn't justify the extra dough for no real preference other than having mostly Pings in my past. Longest irons I hit were the Callaway Apex irons. But they just didn't grab me like the Titleist did. Anyway....love em.
Hey Jim...sorry for the delay. The move has eaten my time away. I'm pulling the trigger soon on new clubs. I'd give you a great deal on the G25's if you're still interested.
Chris Demarco captain Assistants: Phil, Davis Love,Azinger, Couples That's the winning crew.
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