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Blackmoor was great experience...designed by Mr. Gary Player Litchfield also very nice Not familiar with the others
If you are in the mood for some good Seafood hit up the Flying Fish Market next to the Barefoot Resort...good eats!
tell me about it...Im a corporate time stealing weasel myself....especially since Im bailing out of work early this Thur for the tee time I just booked for 3pm (ssshhhhhh) thanks again...ill be spending plenty of time on the forum...choc-full-a great stuff!
There was no second stake and that was my point.  To me its absurd to suggest that a cut grass line could determine OB...especially since Old Man Johnson wasnt wearing his glasses when he cut the grass last time...that line was anything but straight.  Yes for Tourney play something like this is well defined but for use weekend hackers...common sense must prevail in this type instances.  Thanks for your reply
My thought of the grass line being used to determine OB makes no sense. And I appreciate your responses.  That being said...in this particular situation...where the other white stake was missing for whatever reason...I guess at this point one would simply use best judgement.
Hi All... During my weekly round with the usual Motley Crew...on the 4th hole slight dog right I drive the ball right.  I arrive at my ball and it is questionable as to whether it is in or out of bounds.  There is a white stake about 15 yards forward of my position and behind me is a large shrub/bush with no visible white stake to draw a straight line to determine the Out of Bounds line. It is for the most part a friendly round with some dough on the line to make it...
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