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Thanks for the welcome. I've actually read this site for a while just never joined.   Okay people, here's the thing with the head: the movement of the head only matters because it is a signal your body is moving laterally. Nobody strains their neck to jerk their head around, it's the body that is controlling the head. So stop moving off the ball laterally and just turn your body around your head. In the above video, the guy in the black is simply turning and tilting his...
Your back swing should be a turn. If you turn, your head shouldn't move anywhere. Turn, then lift your hands to complete your back swing.
If you want to break 100, stop hitting your driver. I used to play with a 2 handicap who hit a 3 iron off every tee. Keeping the ball in play will keep the big numbers away. Also play the up tees but that should go without saying. On your short game chips, put the ball back in your stance and let the ball roll out. Shorter swings are easier to control, don't go for flops or high chips yet. With putting, swing through the ball, don't hit at it.
The interviews are great. I like the real talk and memories from the players. I'd like it even if he just got tour players that aren't/weren't that famous to talk about their playing days with the legends.
Adam Scott -10 Jason Day -10 Jimmy Walker -7
Tournament scores should outweigh regular rounds for handicaps.   That way you can only really sandbag once before you get pushed into a harder flight.
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