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With so many available, is it just look and feel?? Is Titleist  as superior as we are led to believe? Currently searching for new wedges...would appreciate your pros and cons...how bout the Cleveland RTX ?
Thanks Harmonious.... What are some  (one or two) courses near the hotel that you would recommend?
Thanks....We decided to book at the Grand Cypress Hyatt, seems reasonable,especially if you prebook online.
Hey everyone, Just registered yesterday..great site !  I play here in Ottawa, I'm a Clublink member and get to play several courses in Ontario and Quebec as well as some courses in Florida. Looking forward to the upcoming season ( if the snow and ice ever melt ) Anxious to acquaint myself with all the forums, seems like there's alot of knowledge and experience here. I am 68 yrs. young and playing as often as possible,    Look forward to chatting,   Richard G
Hey Everyone,  Im new to the Sand Trap and was hoping to get a few recommendations on where to stay in Orlando. Also accomodation that doesn't break the bank ( although I'd like it to be fairly nice) as we are two couples. I have a list of courses Id like to play and they all seem to be $80- $150 so thats not bad. I just need to find a good hotel with nice amenities,pool dining etc. Can you suggest anything? Thanks in advance. Richard
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