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Anyone use any type of decent apps that they like or think can help their game?
I would like on both Driver and Irons.   Thanks for above info.
I most be honest im a total noob on shafts.   Is there any site, or link, here even which gives good account of different shafts, and what they do and who they might help me?
Just wondering if anybody is paid member   $50 seems bit steep, but do people think its worth it? Are instruction videos good?
Say the afternoon players will find it tougher when Greens dry up. Even par will be good score today in my opinion.
Does anyone have them or use them? Any advice and would you recommend giving them a try?
I enjoy going to the driving range and pretending tree is in the way and try hook and slice intentionally. Funnily, I find it easier to hook the ball. If im on the course I only use the shot on few holes, if needed, where I know if shot goes straight I still have better shot then just tapping out, otherwise I just pitch out.   What is best way to intentionally draw and hook for you? I normally aim body, shoulders and feet at where ball wants to start and clubhead at...
Anyone have any tips or videos that will help get bit more spin from Bunker shots? Mine seem to roll bit too much when faced with short bunker shot and also medium shot to slight downhill green.   Just would like to get extra bit of spin on them to get little closer to hole instead of running off.   Otherwise my bunker game is pretty neat at moment, put lot practise in this area last year.
I think as Amateur Golfers or even professionals we can all relate to instances when nerves and sweats have taken over a swing or putt at some stage in our Golfing lives.   We all have seen situations or been in these types of scenarios 1. Water on the left, bunkers on the right, tight Fairway, all we see is trouble. 2. A 3 foot putt all of a sudden becomes like trying to discover a new planet in solar system 3. A straight forward Par 4 18th hole where you only need...
I actually backed Day 2 weeks ago at nice 25/1. Now I think im sweating a little. I think he will play. Question is is he 100% fit. If he is I have a good price. If he aint im screwed ha.
New Posts  All Forums: