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I have been playing with the pro v1 like them a lot gonna try the nxt tour s balls next
best part of my game seems to change every year same with the worst. Right now my best part is probably my putting seem to be pretty dialed in early in the year so far. worst part right now is my mid iron approach shots been hooking my 5 and 6 irons lately not sure why either. At the beginning of last year my worst part was driving but i made it my focus to get of the tee box with good drives and now im getting really consistent play with my driver and 3 wood. I try to...
If money is not an issue then why not go to henry griffitts  get custom fitted and get yourself a 3 and 4 hybrid? it may not be cheap but they get custom built for you and you can have them adjust them so they can hit any yardage you need them to. I bit the bullet and got me hybrids from hg (first clubs i have gotten from them) couldnt be more happy with the results. they do exactly what i need them to do at exactly the yardage i use for them. just my two cents.
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