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driver well sort of nickent F30 15* stiff fairway callaway x hot pro 17* x stiff adams tight lies 22* 7 wood x stiff titleist ap2 3 iron s400 irons titleist 714 cb 4-pw x100 wedges 50* 56* putter acushnet bullseye had that since 1967 in my bag -- and a new idea odyssey white hot pro cs 52" broomstick 450 gram head cut to 29" lots of lead tape and winn grip. my type of a counter balance feels great !!!!!!!!! ball B330 or b330s
the longest putter I own is 29 inches the other 2 are 28 inches  ====  bye the way these putters are the only ones I have ever had.
after a good hit  -- that ought to work after a bad putt by me or others  -- fiso   f***  im still  out
me a 45 year old bullseye and  in 2000  got a S/C bullseye make over
lets see states UT. CA. AZ. NM. CO. ID. WY. TX. NV.    about 80-90 I think 
I just bought 714 CB set this spring and love the things they feel  GREAT !!!!!!!!!
I am with Carl  love to play but not my life
that's great toad  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Duval for me  ----- has to be the best I have seen to this day for 18 holes solid play
I got  one in 1968 my jr. year in high school its still in my bag and love the thing ---- bought a  SC  one about 2002 and have them both in my bag . I do trade once and a while but too me they can't be beat...
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