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yes, very good with his kids and enjoying time...I agree! just thought he would be better is all. I guess he didn't grow up playing much(I believe he is in his 50s). He seems like a nice guy...when I used to frequent the golf channel message board, he would get bashed pretty good. I don't think he is bad at commentating...a lot better than Kelly Tilgman.
called; Winter Pines(in Winter Park, Fl....basically Orlando). I saw him this past Sunday, with his two teenage kids. This is a very basic muni course and was a bit surprised to see him. I watched him and his kids tee off. I was also surprised how bad he and his kids were at golf, I guess all the announcing with Faldo, he doesn't get much a chance to play!?? I asked the guy in pro shop and he said he was something like a 15-18 handicap!? Also, it didn't seem like many of...
anxiety, is a big part of ADD, btw. He has ADD. Also, their are different levels of ADD. Some people have minor symptoms, some moderate some severe. I would say he has; minor/moderate issues, but I have no idea, since I do not know him.
Hey Admin...I told this guy I didn't want to argue/debate this topic...are you going to step in? this guy doesn't seem to want to stop with the discussion.
I'm not getting into some stupid internet message board argument with you. Your're right! have a good day buddy!
okay..thanks, Rat! :)
Of course any exercise like a squat(especially with way more weight than you can handle) can hurt your back if done improperly...BUT, Tiger is not a normal person! he has been strength training for years and I believe he has used a trainer(s) for years too. So, for someone like Tige,r an exercise like a squat, will not hurt his back unless he is really trying to squat a lot of weight, which he could be doing, I have no idea. If you have proper form and aren't trying to...
I haven't seen this mentioned to much, but I believe Bubba has ADD. Which isn't a excuse, but depending on the person, you sometimes have a very difficult time with thinking before saying something(a "pause" if you will) you will regret. I know, because I have bad ADD(costs me jobs, saying inappropriate things to bosses and customers). I DO NOT like the bible talk and think every athlete should never talk about religion or politics in the public. I'm a eccentric guy and I...
valleygolfer...curious, how do squats wreck a already bad back? are you a trainer, or strength coach? cause I am and they defiantly do not "wreck" you're back!
I knew you were a young guy, wasn't sure if that was you in you're avitar. Btw, I was also wondering, do you do any type of strength training?
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