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well, I think Woody Austin was funny as hell! I loved watching his bizarre on course behavior! reminds me of some of my wacky stuff I have done. He seems funny too. Not a boring, robot like...Kutchner, Duffner and many others.
Like most golfer's, he needs to do a little weight lifting(not just totally core work, flexibility, band stuff). It's good he lost weight, but he looks malnourished. Way to skinny.
why yes, yes it was!
I saw Tebow. He was kidding throwing his club. Morning drive is good for people like me out of work! :) its a mindless golf show, and of course silly like most of these "morning talk shows"(Gary is a bit over-the-top..I was surprised he was a good bball player..nice form he has!).  I see several of the people on the show playing around courses where I live. I see Rich Learner playing with his kids occasionally. He isn't good! :)...
thanks Club Rat. I agree golf can open doors...while I lived in Cali, I played on average 2 days a week(got to be a low 'cap), and met a few friends on the golf course... You are right on many of your points. I am at the point where every year I debate quitting the game. If I was married with kids, I defiantly would. I played yesterday. While I didn't get real mad, on the last hole, I let out some swearing and talking to myself with a group of 3 other "retired" guys....
I rarely post to this site(been lurking last few weeks)... Like a few have mentioned, people are "wired" differently. I am a type A, short temper person(which I HATE, and please don't think I am "proud" of getting upset when I play golf). I also have severe ADD. If anyone else here has bad ADD, or know someone who does, some or most with ADD, have a problem with impulsivity and especially temper problems. I have been playing golf for 15 years now(I am a ex D1 college...
yes, very good with his kids and enjoying time...I agree! just thought he would be better is all. I guess he didn't grow up playing much(I believe he is in his 50s). He seems like a nice guy...when I used to frequent the golf channel message board, he would get bashed pretty good. I don't think he is bad at commentating...a lot better than Kelly Tilgman.
called; Winter Pines(in Winter Park, Fl....basically Orlando). I saw him this past Sunday, with his two teenage kids. This is a very basic muni course and was a bit surprised to see him. I watched him and his kids tee off. I was also surprised how bad he and his kids were at golf, I guess all the announcing with Faldo, he doesn't get much a chance to play!?? I asked the guy in pro shop and he said he was something like a 15-18 handicap!? Also, it didn't seem like many of...
anxiety, is a big part of ADD, btw. He has ADD. Also, their are different levels of ADD. Some people have minor symptoms, some moderate some severe. I would say he has; minor/moderate issues, but I have no idea, since I do not know him.
Hey Admin...I told this guy I didn't want to argue/debate this topic...are you going to step in? this guy doesn't seem to want to stop with the discussion.
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