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i'm a right handed golfer who has trouble keep the left arm straight during my backswing. i'm just not flexible enough and i tend to bend my arm slightly at the top of my swing. you guys have any stretches or workouts to help me keep it straight? thanks!
thanks for the move, didn't realize there was already a thread
My feed has gotten boring, would love to see your golf pics! my name is @MikeRanaldo
when i was much younger (around 12) i used an interlocking grip, but now (25) i use the ten finger grip. i feel like i can control the club more, and i can swing harder because i have all of my fingers on the club
Hey guys, i just had a concern about a shank that i had in a round i played on monday. As i was hitting my 52 degree wedge on the practice range, i noticed that i shanked 3 in a row off of the hosel. i had already been warmed up, and my swing didn't feel out of the ordinary so i just thought it was random. until the 4th hole when i had 75 yards in, so i grabbed by 56 wedge and went to hit my shot and i shanked it off the hosel again. can anyone give their opinions as to...
good question man. usually i just try as best as i can to forget what happened on the last few holes, and pretend like i'm starting on #1. it's easy to let the previous holes affect you, that's why golf is such a mind game. when i played in college it used to bother me more, because i didn't wanna come in with a bad score, but you'll learn to move on and start fresh. hope this helps
sorry for the late response. i'd recommend using the 56 for shots out of the sand, shots out of the green-side rough since you'll ned as much loft as possible, shots where you don't have much green to work with and you need to stop the ball quickly, or shots over a bunker. i'm not saying that's all you can use it for, but those are the more important circumstances. i probably forgot a few, but these should help
thanks! i'll check it out
hey guys, my swing feels good to me, but when i have one of my buddies record it, it's obvious that i'm coming slightly across the ball from outside-in creating a fade. it doesn't feel like that, but the video doesn't lie. anyone have any good drills to help practice coming down on the correct plane? thanks
i have this driver, i love it. it's 8.5 and it's set at C2. i usually hit it between 285-300 with a slight draw. nothing really to complain about, much better than my old one. i love the customization that you get with it
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