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I have studied his lesson material...even bought an ebook and video once a while back.  The cost was insignificant.  I am not a Klassen disciple but I do think some of what he says makes sense.  The idea of swinging down a hammer behind my right side with my left hand is very powerful for me.  It keeps me from casting the club and it "single-handedly" solved the reverse C I'd slip into because I was too much on balls of feet.  For driver, I stand tall, keep weight in my...
Right away I shaved 4 strokes with Superstroke Slim grip
I think the RBZ driver is better for me than the RBZ stage 2 driver.  I like the way it sets up and the XCON 5 stiff shaft is a little higher launch than the Stage 2 Rocketfuel for my swing.   I have the 10.5  loft bonded head.  I prefer a higher ball flight b/c I can cut off a dog leg left on my home course that turns it quickly into the second shot from 230 to about 165.  I play from the whites now mostly (50 yrs) and all I need off the tee is 250 max.  Sometimes that is...
I thought Tidewater was overrated. I agree with previous poster and think the Barefoot courses and Legend courses were very good. Caledonia is a must play but be sure to play True Blue or the Heritage when you are out on Pawley's island. The guys planning trips for 36 holes a day better be sure to plan your courses geographically. Caledonia is 54 miles from Oyster Bay
I use 10 finger grip for driver or three wood off tee only then interlock for anything off the turf.  Checking to see if anyone uses different grips depending on situation
I bagged the idea.  Crush the RBZ with XCon 5 stock stiff shaft and not changing.  Had a weak moment
 5 wood back in the bag.  I have a high launching shaft on it and use it for 210-225 range.  The course I play has an elevated par three (197 yds) and the wind is usually strong right to the tee box.  I also sometimes use it on a long par 5 if I get enough distance off the tee.    I don't like hybrids.  I should learn to hit them though for the workability factor.
Hi everyone, The title says it all.  I am looking for feedback on Nunchuk shafts.  I hit  against a screen and compared it to my current driver.  Spin numbers were averaging about 400 rpm less than my RBZ.  I wasn't paying attention to anything else and my time was limited.    Thanks
I had to sign up for this forum to throw my opinion in the ring.  I have been golfing for many years and am constantly looking to find ways to improve my game.  I have played with golfers at every level and one thing MOST have in common are a set of swing thoughts.  Some have as few as one and some tortured souls like me have had more than one.   Klassen's ideas about the swing, swing path, ball flight and release (albeit natural) make sense to me.  I went from an 11 to...
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