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I think the most important component is putting.  If you can't get the ball in from 3-6 feet you're doomed  Is that 8-iron going to do the job?
Thanks, Denny.  I hope I can prove you right about it being a great seller, but it's a long haul when you self publish.  That's why I'm grateful for this forum and the people who are helping get the word out.
Thanks for the kind words, Pourputt.  I've been thinking about a sequel but haven't locked in on a compelling story yet.
Flinggolf, footgolf, frisbiegolf--Why did I waste all that time on real golf?
I could imagine someone doing it, maybe as a fundraiser, but it sure wouldn't be me.  I get winded walking out to the mailbox.
I used to do it quite a bit for variety, and the 5 wood/sand wedge was my choice, although I'd blade the wedge for putts up to about 30 feet.  And it's good to have a short club for tricky chips, pitches and bunker shots.
That might work.  I don't see any club that closes it's doors giving out refunds.  You'd show up one day, all fired up to play and there'd be a chain on the door.
So, how'd you do?
Sounds like everyone chose a 5 or 6 iron for a one-club tournament.  Anyone get funky and play it with a wood or hybrid?
6-iron around the green--chips, putting?  I don't know. 
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