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The Caddie Girls - There is a big market out there for this sort of thing. Basically, this has been done in hair salons, restaurants, and so much more. While there’s a clear gimmick here, at least the ladies all seem to know their golf. It’s just not our sort of thing, so we wouldn’t invest based on that alone.We’ll at least give them some credit for know how much is too much. Kevin O’Leary wanted to take too much of the company in 50%, and while we would’ve done the deal...
Did anyone see this?  A few weeks ago it was the Kronos putter, now this.  Do you think this idea will fly?
Yep, it's TV.  Still, does anyone think that this putter would improve their game?
I learned the game on executive courses, too, then dumped them for the big boy courses because they were sissy.  Of course, I never thought of golf as a sport until my late twenties because I thought it was sissy, so go figure.
I played the only executive course in the area for the first time this year.  It was fun, a well-designed layout, and easy to walk. I've played it more than any other course, mainly because it's cheap ($10 Golfnow). The problem is I really miss busting the driver or 3-wood throughout the round.
 I lived in San Jose for 20 years and started golfing then.  When I started taking the game seriously, I'd drive down to Carmel (an hour-and-a-half drive) to play the big boy courses. We're talking early '90's.  Poppy Hills was $49 if you were an NCGA member.  Spanish Bay had a $65 deal with cart if you booked within 24 hours.  They weren't long from the tips (7,000 yds max), but sported a mid-140 slope.  Those courses beat the hell out of me, but I loved it.
I launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo yesterday to raise awareness and some funds for various promotional angles.  I put together a two-minute on-the-course action video.  I started this thread to get some feedback on the book; feel free to give me feedback on the video or anything else on the site.
That just gave me an idea for a Grill Room thread that would get some traction--"What do you hate?"
Cuban and Corcoran hate golf.  I was distracted from the show when they were expressing their opinions, but did those two really say they hate golf?  Did they say why?
The weepy crap turned me off, too, which is why I was starting a thread instead of watching it.  I'm not so sure they'll get a Shark Tank bump.  As others have pointed out, there's nothing special about their putter, and your Scotty is $200 less.  Also, Robert Herjavec obviously knows nothing about golf, golf equipment, or the industry.  I think this is a product where you never see a Shark Tank update because it went down in flames.
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