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Thanks, Spike, good to hear it was worthwhile. I wrote it for golfers so I wanted it to have plenty of golf action, not just a golf setting.  Cheers.
A number of golfers requested the book, a few really liked it, so I'm anxious to hear what the others think.  If anybody else is interested in checking it out, the free book offer is still open, at least until the end of this week. 
Glad you're liking it.  I was sending it out as a pdf file that is downloadable, but from what I've heard, that doesn't offer the flexibility of adjusting size, etc.  It's also available through Barnes & Noble.
Bill, how'd you download it?
Guy might take a swing at you, you're not sure, so you shoot him in a pre-active strike? Stay the hell away from me.
Free book.  The offer is still open.
You made a mistake.  You spelled some words right.
Pay off the bet and come up with one you can win.
My offer for a free golf novel still stands. PM your email address and I'll shoot it out to you.
Phan   Great pic.  What was the wind like?
New Posts  All Forums: