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I will give you 15 more yards off the tee, but it will cost you 15% in fairways hit.  What say you?Satan
Amazon doesn't't lie.
Wild off the tee?  Half-wedge to the green?  Sand? Lag putts? Short putts?  Time to come clean.
This guy is still going?  Heard about it when he first started but didn't follow it.  Can someone sommerize it or direct me to a recent post that does?  I can't read 94 pages, I just can't. 
I agree.  It's easier to tweak your grip before the swing, than tweak the moving parts of the swing itself.
Thanks, buttered toast.  Now I want buttered toast . . .and some eggs . . .and some bacon . . . and hash browns, at 10 at night.  Curse you, Buttered toast.
That's my take on 100%. Swing as hard as you can,  100% while maintaining control?  what's that number--80%? 
The instructor was a former long-drive champion, so that kind of puts his belief in context.  To him, 80% meant "too easy."
It's surprising how well you can shoot if you pick the right clubs for the right course. When I was doing it a lot, I was playing a course that you could bounce it on, so I would hit a everything from a punch 5-wood from 120, to a swing away 220.  It really didn't matter the distance.  A half-swing 5-wood from 130 was the same 3/4 swing from 180.
Dave, my point is the putting aspect of golf changes dramatically if you have to putt with something besides your putter unless you practice with that club. 
New Posts  All Forums: