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Thanks for the plug, Boog.Thanks for the plug, Boogie!
If anyone needs a golf-fix heading into winter, let me know and I'll hook you up with a PDF of my book for free.
As we head into winter, what's the temperature when a buddy calls you with an offer to play a fancy private course for free and you say screw it, I'm staying home? 
I used to subscribe to both Golf and Golf Digest religiously for 10 years.  I finally dumped them because I wasn't seeing anything new.  A few years ago, GD sent me an offer I couldn't refuse ($10 for a year, so I bit).  The first issue I got didn't have anything to read except the table of contents until page 37.  That's right--nothing but full-page, double-page, or triple-page fold-out ads for 37 pages. 
What really pisses me off is when a course punches and sands the greens and they don't tell when you book a time.  They charge you full price at the shop and you don't find out about it until you're on the first green.
The Caddie Girls - There is a big market out there for this sort of thing. Basically, this has been done in hair salons, restaurants, and so much more. While there’s a clear gimmick here, at least the ladies all seem to know their golf. It’s just not our sort of thing, so we wouldn’t invest based on that alone.We’ll at least give them some credit for know how much is too much. Kevin O’Leary wanted to take too much of the company in 50%, and while we would’ve done the deal...
Did anyone see this?  A few weeks ago it was the Kronos putter, now this.  Do you think this idea will fly?
Yep, it's TV.  Still, does anyone think that this putter would improve their game?
I learned the game on executive courses, too, then dumped them for the big boy courses because they were sissy.  Of course, I never thought of golf as a sport until my late twenties because I thought it was sissy, so go figure.
I played the only executive course in the area for the first time this year.  It was fun, a well-designed layout, and easy to walk. I've played it more than any other course, mainly because it's cheap ($10 Golfnow). The problem is I really miss busting the driver or 3-wood throughout the round.
New Posts  All Forums: