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Guy might take a swing at you, you're not sure, so you shoot him in a pre-active strike? Stay the hell away from me.
Free book.  The offer is still open.
You made a mistake.  You spelled some words right.
Pay off the bet and come up with one you can win.
My offer for a free golf novel still stands. PM your email address and I'll shoot it out to you.
Phan   Great pic.  What was the wind like?
Judging from all the posts, it seems like adjustable clubs are kind of fun, and maybe a little helpful for some, but it certainly isn't the game-changing, must-have technology that clubmakers make it out to be.  Is adjustability really helpful for golfers, or is it primarily for clubmakers to churn new product for profit?
Since I don't have an adjustable driver, I never even thought about the legality of adjusting it during a round.  Interesting.  What rule covers this?
I have an old non-adjustable driver I still like, but can't help wondering about the fancy new adjustable stuff on the market today.  It seems like it could help if you know what you're doing, but could be a curse if you're constantly adjusting it after every bad shot. 
Anybody planning a trip to Bandon would be remiss not to check out Sandpines, up the coast about 70 miles. Picked best new public by Golf Digest in '93, for $85 including cart, you can't beat it.
New Posts  All Forums: