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And remember, you are not allowed to have your phone or other similar electronic devices out during tournament play.
48*(PW), 52/08*, 56/12*, 60/04 48- Shots over ~110, knockdown shots <110, some greenside chips 52/08- the majority of shots <110 yds. I can hit my 52 high, low, short, long. I love that club; the thing can even cook eggs if I grip it right. 56/12- Sand and anything <90yds from the rough. The extra bounce realy helps cut through the rough 60/04- when I need a high soft shot. I don't use this club that much
I think that this list does a decent job on rating sports on overall difficulty. I think the criteria they used to judge sports gives an accruate (if somewhat subjective) primer for rating difficulty. The only disagreements I have with the lists are scores they give to certain sports. For example, I think golf was underscored on the Analytic Aptitude and nerve scores. As was mentioned before, golf is primarily a mental game. And while golfers aren't making...
Adam Scott. It's poetry.
Woods #1 - Play Club #2 - Brassie #3 - Spoon Irons #1 - Driving Iron, Cleek #2 - Cleek #3 - Mid-Mashie #4 - Jigger #5 - Mashie #6 - Spade Mashie #7 - Mashie-Niblick #8 - Pitching Mashie #9 - Baffing Spoon #10 - Jigger Blank (flat stick) See below.
Any municpal discussion has to include Pacific Grove. "The poor man's Pebble Beach" $40 on the weekends.
I once did 36 holes in just under 4 hours. It was a cold rainy day in April, so the course was completely empty. I was keeping a pretty strong pace, but by no means rushing.
Great progress guys! Keep it up! Although, I would definitely recommend getting some lessons or other professional advice. IMO, the idea of "Refusing to take lessons because I feel as though I'm athletically inclined enough to figure the golf swing out." should be revisited. All the best golfers in the world have swing coaches and are constantly getting "lessons". One thing I have learned about learning golf is that it is similar to learning math (or any number...
Great post. So where is my exemption category (i.e. category 435: guy who really likes to play golf, posts on the sandtrap, and shot an 83 with rental clubs last weekend)
It is always difficult to compare athletes in any sport across generations. There have just been too many advances in physical training, and technology (in golf, especially). But on an even playing field, I have to give the title to Jack, for right now. I love Tiger, and there is no doubt in my mind that he can eventually top Jack. But he still has to do it.
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