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45 front 42 back 87 best round ever. Wasn't putting good at all very happy with my irons today and only missed two fairways 5 pars 11 bogeys 2 double bogeys
Sounds about right to me I hit my 56 about 80 to 90 yd my swing speed is a little slower the your with driver
I live in ne fl. I played folkston its cheaper course some really short par 4sI played 45 holes this morning and was home at 2:00. no tee times only got behind one group and they let us Play thru
Played 27 holes today Played nine waiting on my boss to get there shot a 41 front. Then 43 front/47 back very happy with my ball striking they just punched the greens and didnt mow them until half way through the round balls hopped all over the place
There's a course a mile away from the house but its always packed on the weekend really slow. Tomorrow im driving about 30min to south ga to a course no tee times first come so I try to get there first play by my self most of the time never more then two hours to play 18. Played it in 1:20 one day
I played in one today two of us are normally in the 90's the other two may play two or three times a year in the 100's. We shot even par with two bogeys and two birdies. A 59 won out of about 30 teams
No episode tonight was looking forward to it
A nickel is 5 gram. I would go with the lead tape
It's 465 from the tee box on the other side of the water.
I'm a welder/fabricator at first coast fab in yulee fl.
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