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No sunshine here, not yet anyway. They're in quite good condition from what I can tell. They have S-90 written on the bubble. I don't think they are 13 years old as previously suggested. The video was helpful because I do tend to hit it right and that explains a reason why. At this point in my game I don't feel I should spend too much money on good clubs. I found that I hit the ball well with the Tm's. They straightened the ball from a more natural stance but given my...
Ok. Thanks for your help.
Thanks for your help.   I am 26 and I don't know my swing speed. I will go for a fitting because I am also considering getting some longer clubs because of my height. Are the Taylor Made clubs I have mentioned worth £40 ($66)?
I have been playing for about 9 months. I currently own a set of Dunlop steel irons and I have been offered a full set of Taylor Made Firesole graphite irons for £40. The only thing I am wondering is if they will help my game. I am 6ft2 with a relatively slow swing that I have been told is very good. I have tried the Taylor Made's on a range and felt k with them.
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