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Flairing the front foot and rear foot out is ok. However at the impact position your left leg is not in Neutral Joint Alignment and could blow out your knee over time. Our knees is not made to go side to side, it go's up and down. Your position at impact in your old swing is much better. Hitting into a firm left side, left leg is straight.  Just an observation.
Hey cipher it wasn't for you. Not sure what your swing is but these are correct.
Try and feel that your belt buckle is facing the ball at impact not pointing to the sky. This will keep your hips from spinning open too early. You also don't want to hang back on your right side and Change your spine angle(tilt). We want 80 percent of our weight on the left side(stacked)
As you said your weight is on the balls of your feet. So your out of balance as seen when you lost your balance set your weight in your ankles and more in the heels.. Your stance is too wide narrow it up a bit. Your letting your right arm flex way too early, you want to swing with the feeling that the golf swing is wide,narrow, wide.keep the club out in front of you don't get it too deep behind you. This will cause you to hit pushes, blocks or higher handicappers come over...
The RST is not stack and tilt. Not even close!
What do you consider the 5 fundamental keys?
You don't have to be young and flexible to incorporate the RST swing. If you have limitations due to surgery that's understandable. The best thing about the RST swing is that all information is answered as to the "why" . Next time you take a lesson from your golf instructor ask him "why" he wants you to do a certain move or position. When he can't give you a scientific FACT as to why, get your money back and see someone who can explain the why. You always hear "keep your...
I'm using pieces of S&T. I keep most of my weight on the left side which helps me to stay centered over the ball and compress it. It also gets me in perfect position (shaft lean). My power has increased!
Hey ejimsmith..no I'm not 8 years old, I teach the Rotary Swing method and my students love it.  You should get together with a certified RST instructor and maybe that 7.7 would improve. Don't be rude ..if you have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself!
Yes in deed.  I am a RST instructor and my students love it! But I also like some of the ideas of the Stack  & Tilt as it gets you over the ball and compress it.
New Posts  All Forums: