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I carry a Titleist 913 17 (16.25) and 21 (20.25) degree hybrid in my bag (both are turned down -.75 degrees). Hybrids are more versatile for my game and the type of courses I play. I dont carry any fairway woods either, I just use my 17 degree on short holes when driver isn't needed. It works for me, 240 yards off the tee and 230 yards off the deck.
I've heard nothing but good things about the course, sounds like a good track. Let me know how it goes.
I'm gonna be staying in Cherry Grove in July and wanted to play a good track close by. Over the years I have played most of the good courses in the Myrtle Beach area. True Blue, Caledonia, The Reserve, Barefoot resort and all the courses up near Calabash NC.   I heard Tidewater was a good course, just wanted everybody's opinion?
Definitely play #8. Like Dave said, #8 and #2 have very similar greens. Both are the new Championship Bermuda and are very fast and firm. Go buy a yardage book in the Pro Shop for both #8 and #2, it will be the best $8 you have ever spent. It will help you with the slopes of the greens tremendously. Just a few tips: 1.) On approach shots, don't play to the yardage of the flag. These greens are firm as shit and you wont be able to hold many shots on the greens. Play each...
I play over at Pinehurst Resort every weekend.  Here is a list if I had to rank them best to worst. #8, #2, #7, #4, #9, #6, #5, #1, #3. Go play Dormie Club just outside Pinehurst, its one of the best courses in the area!
Hands down one of the best courses in the Pinehurst area. Core and Crenshaw did one hell of a job with this track. I play here often and it never disappoints.
I wouldn't mind seeing Chesson Hadley win the Shell Houston Open and "SNAP" his way into the Masters! He's a solid player not many people know about and has been playing some good golf the last month.
Driving Distance - 275 Driving Accuracy - 57% Greens in Reg - 35% Putts per Round - 32.4 Putts per GIR - 1.8 Scrambling - 43%   Handicap - 5.6  
As a 5 handicap, I traded my AP2's for the AP1's last year and I have no regrets AT ALL!!!
Personally, I prefer hybrids over fairway woods. When it comes to course management, I find hybrids to be more versatile for my game. I feel more confident standing over a hybrid whether its off the tee, off the deck or out of the rough. The control, higher trajectory and forgiveness out weighs the little bit of distance of roll out I lose compared to fairway woods. Hybrids just make more since for the type of courses I play. Its way easier to hoist a hybrid high up and...
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