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Hands down I would go with the AP2's. They are geared more towards lower handicaps but I'm sure you would still like them. Plus they hold value if you ever wanted to sell them a few years down the road. Also give the AP1's a try on the range. They are very forgiving irons and still very solid sticks for lower handicaps. Ive had my 2008 AP1's for 7 years and i still love them!
Consider the Titleist AP1's and AP2's too. Both are great options for your handicap. I've been playing the AP1's for 7 years and would still prefer them over the AP2's even as a 5 handicap.
For around $200, I don't think you will find better value than a Titleist 910 Driver.
Honestly you cant go wrong with the AP1's. I have been playing my Original 2008 AP1's for 7 years now and still love them. I have hit all the new model of AP1's over the years and still cant tell any major difference other than the looks. The AP2's are really nice too, I had a set of the 712's but I ended up selling them. You have to be a solid ball striker to hit the AP2's constantly and I just dont have the time to go to the range every day. The AP1's are Titleist game...
Im using my 45*PW and 50*GW from my Titleist AP1 set with the Vokey *54 and *58 wedges. As much as I love my Vokey wedges, I would never replace my AP1 PW and GW. Those things are money!!! The GW is my favorite club in the bag, i use that dam thing in so many situations 120 yards in!
I took my 15 degree 3 wood out of the bag over a year ago and replaced it with a 17 degree Titleist 913h hybrid. Sure I lost about 10 yards off the tee compared to the 3 wood but I gained far more versatility with the hybrid. Personally, I hit hybrids way more consistent off the tee and more so off the deck. I always had a hard time hitting a fairway wood off the deck. I just cant get the trajectory with a fairway wood to do me any good on the par 5's. I hit my 17 degree 3...
I carry a Titleist 913 17 (16.25) and 21 (20.25) degree hybrid in my bag (both are turned down -.75 degrees). Hybrids are more versatile for my game and the type of courses I play. I dont carry any fairway woods either, I just use my 17 degree on short holes when driver isn't needed. It works for me, 240 yards off the tee and 230 yards off the deck.
I've heard nothing but good things about the course, sounds like a good track. Let me know how it goes.
I'm gonna be staying in Cherry Grove in July and wanted to play a good track close by. Over the years I have played most of the good courses in the Myrtle Beach area. True Blue, Caledonia, The Reserve, Barefoot resort and all the courses up near Calabash NC.   I heard Tidewater was a good course, just wanted everybody's opinion?
Definitely play #8. Like Dave said, #8 and #2 have very similar greens. Both are the new Championship Bermuda and are very fast and firm. Go buy a yardage book in the Pro Shop for both #8 and #2, it will be the best $8 you have ever spent. It will help you with the slopes of the greens tremendously. Just a few tips: 1.) On approach shots, don't play to the yardage of the flag. These greens are firm as shit and you wont be able to hold many shots on the greens. Play each...
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