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In years past, I have played very inconsistently. This year, I would like to try and get out once a week. 
MLB: Yankees NFL: Giants NBA: Pass NCAA Hoops: St. John's (I know; they are terrible) NHL: Rangers   I am most passionate about the Rangers, then St. John's. I was only six when the Rangers won the cup so the doesn't count, and I've never seen St. John's win the Big East, or advance out of the first round in the NCAA Tournament. My Dad went to St. John's back in the Mullins, Jackson, Berry days. He loves to tell me how good they were.   Sad to know I'll never see...
The twitter presence of fantasy baseball is so enormous that it becomes difficult to sort through it all. If I were you, I'd start of following somebody like Eric Karabell (@karabellespn) or The Roto Feed (@therotofeed) for general fantasy baseball information.   For minor league specific, there is this guy Benjamin Hill (@BensBiz). He has his ear close to the minor league scene and sends out a lot of information about it. The one problem is you'll have to do additional...
Hey guys. Thanks for the quick responses and info. I'll definitely start going through all of it this weekend.
Hi guys.   My name is Chris. I am relatively new to the sport. I have been playing sporadically throughout the Spinrg/Summer for the past 3 years. I am tired of being absolutely awful. Decided that this Spring I will take it more seriously (and be less dreadful). Good or no good, still love being out on the course with the old man or friends.   I look forward to being a member of the community.   Sincerely:     Chris 
Keegan Bradley (-10) Jim Furyk (-8) Vijay Singh (-7)
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