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Sally thou forth!!!  and be sure to include pics in your report--or it never happened 
 I think the OP was NOT being disrespectful--if you were an older golfer like me, arthritis could easily have a lot to do with the club moving in your hands.You might also try a 1/2 corded grip like the New Decade Multi-compound ones (or similar).  I have installed and like the Black Widow Widow Maker grips with 3 wraps of tape under and really like the solidity when gripping.
Ask the starter or pro shop to try pairing you with some other relatively new or high handicap golfers. Also, if you have a par 3 course, that might be a good place to play a few rounds to work on swing and distance--that's how/where I started. Jeff
If you need the extra 1/2" in length, there are steel extensions that can be epoxied into the shafts and then cut to length.  You can also go to most any golf store and look at the selection of grips and  to see how the different sizes (standard, oversize and jumbo) fit your hand. Given you are just starting and reportedly are hitting the clubs you have pretty well, I'd regrip and play the clubs you have until you are comfortable, then get fit for a set you can play for a...
My thanks to all. Sorry I drug the team down to the cellar where I was--think I played to about a 30 handicap--knew it was going to be a bad day when I missed the 60-to-91 cutoff and was close to being late. My pleasure meeting you all and, hopefully, will get another chance this fall. Jeff
Unforced mental errors.  I will start "pushing myself" to make shots and the opposite rears it's ugly head, then I'll look up to admire the shot I was going to hit just in time to see the ball bounce once on the green and roll over the far hill. I know what I'm doing, just have a hard time convincing myself to keep the head down and relax.
Just wait!!!I can have him playing at "my level" by about the 3rd or 4th holeOh, wait--I'm on the same team
I believe the first tee time is 1000.   I plan on leaving home around 0730 and should be on the practice range around 0900.
If I wanted to hear that kind of stuff, I'd just stay home--or send Golfingdad to my place where he'd have some REAL competition
Tristan, As of 5/1,  I am a 16.2 GHIN index. Look forward to seeing you all Sunday. Jeff     
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