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O.K  Before I comment, I'd like everyone to know I'm a big Tiger fan (owner of DVD books etc ), but if I was his manager I'd be hooking him up ( if you know what I mean ) Man this guy played some of the most amazing golf ever seen while he was  ummm ..  you know.. "doing the business'.   It's no brainer I think !   cheers   17 
SAY WHAT AGAIN !   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7Ad1AuHriI&list=PL6DqBL7FAfBm87uQAI8EYdED5hJ2P-zp1
Ben Hogan Five Fundamentals Harvey Penick books- Red & Green Dave Pelz  Short Game Bible
Hi I enjoy watching him and his mates out on the course.   Good old fashioned fun.   cheers   17
Who's ever tried to play golf with 60's & 70's equipment ? Unfair comparison I think cheers 17
I very rarely ride, I feel I can't get my " Mojo " going. When I walk, I get time to survey the fairway looking for my next landing area etc. On my last round where I rode, if felt like " whack - drive - whack - drive - whack - drive - two putts and drive again. I had plenty of fuel in the tank at the end of the round, went to the practice fairway and hit some balls. For some golfers it may suit, but not me. When I'm really in the groove, I carry my clubs in a light...
G'Day Joe, Google " Swoosh Drill ". Give it a go ! Cheers 17
Before I start my pre shot routine I turn the club upside down and make a full swing. This heightens my feel for the shot and gives a great feeling of the club head when I turn the club around the right way.
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