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Give the past champions the same equipment as today, same training and nutritional information as today, they still win and win Majors. Palmer, Player  Nicklaus, Watson, Hogan, Snead, where to good not to. Put tiger in the 60's-70's, same equipment, same training, he will win multiple majors, not 14. For all you doubters, Watson at 59 misses a put to win the open competing with the current field. 
Played day 2 in the club tournament, some thoughts. The tournament had 39 entries. Format is day one is play in, stroke play. Days 2 through 4 are match play. The last group had a bye, which was me in the last group. I played a practice round with the guys I would face in the next round. The winner of that match shoot a 96 on day one, shoots 39 on the front of day 2. Up by 5 with 9 to play. He didn't miss a fairway and maybe one green on the front. Back nine, starts out...
I played in my first club tournament yesterday, one day of qualifying then 3 days of match play. Lots of nerves on the first tee. Shot 91 and left 3-4 shots on the course. Played good for me, lost concentration in the middle for a few holes. Seven pars in the round. should have been 7 pars and 2 birdies. Only one blow up hole, drive in the water, bad decision, gives you an 8. I tee off at 1. I've never played match play before, should be interesting. Just going to try and...
I shot 89 yesterday . After the round I looked at the stats and was amazed that i didn't shoot better. I need some help trying to make some sense out of these, 1 birdie, 8 pars, 2 bogeys, 5 dbl, 2 triple. I had 35 putts and 3 saves. 
For the past two weeks I've been working on putting and chipping. I had 42 putts in a round 2 weeks ago. Played twice last week shot 89 and 88 with 36 and 31 putts. Lets see what today brings.    I still make to many stupid mistakes. The back nine of the 88 started with double,double, double, triple. Finished with birdie par par par par. Still cannot figure out how you do that.
Nice job Missouri.   My round this week. I've really been working on moving through the ball on my full swings and finishing on my front foot. I had a really good day striking the ball. Average drive was in the 220's, average to average +. I hit 10 fairways. I hit 9 greens this week, an all time high for me. Now for the bad news. I couldn't put to save my soul, 42. Finished with a 92. Better than average for me but not what the round should have been with the way i was...
I'm working on hitting through the ball and not trying to steer it to a target. I've been ending up on my back foot, ball going right and short. My round monday was 54/42. I figured out after 9 I was always on my back foot when I finished. My only swing thought the rest of the round was get on your front foot at impact and stay there. Started to hit quality shots and score. The back side could have been better, two 3 putts and 2 double chips.  
I'm In. I started a golf group at work of casino dealers. We play on Mondays at a local course, $20 with a cart. Cheep enough for a newbie yet nice enough for the regulars. 
I think there is a few things wrong with my bag. Driver is the right fit, no change. Shafts are to stiff for me, the irons launch to high, and there is to big of a gap in my wedges. I'm thinking about these changes. My irons launch to high because I hit up slightly on them. I'm working with a coach and trying to correct it.  driver Titleist d2 @11.25 no change3w change to about  16hy @ 19HY @23-245I-pww 50w 54w 58-60 Marty
These are my distances, 60 yr old fat man. Distances are averages taken recorded shots on golf logix.   Driver 220-230 best this year 248  3w 200-210 5w 190-200 4h 175-185 4i  165 5i 155 6i 145 7i 135 8i 125 9i 115 pw 105 sw 80 lw 55 . The only club that has been fitted is my driver, titleist 913 d2 with an bassara  a shaft. All the other clubs are Taylor Made super fast and super launch regular shaft. Any changes you would make to this bag?   Marty
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